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Description of Mint

Mint app is a very popular and best online personal finance application. The Mint application will sync your bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal accounts and investments and help you manage any financial issues.

How to use:

First you need to download Mint APK on your mobile phone from here. Then you have to open an account and sync it with other financial accounts. Then you can create a budget by clicking on the budget in the budget tab.

It tracks your income and expenses, which are very important in creating a suitable budget. You can set financial goals for any event here.

Features of Mint

Below are some of the nice features of the Mint app,

  • You can use the Mint application to do important things like budgeting, bill tracking, financial planning. This will allow you to be aware of the amount of your debit / credit or outstanding bill. In short, you can get a clear picture of your financial condition through this app.
  • This will allow you to know the amount of your balance and due bill. It will give you a reminder about the monthly bills so that you can pay all the bills or subscription fees on time.
  • One of the great things about it is that you can manage all the accounts from one place so you don't have to visit many websites. This is saving you a lot of time.
  • There is no substitute for an accurate budget and savings to keep the economy healthy. With this Mint app, you can plan your weekly and monthly budget which will help you to save wisely.
  • There you will get a free credit score for which you do not have to provide any credit card. Here you will learn how to calculate these or how to keep your credit health good and you will also get many tips.
  • With the free credit report, you will get updates as soon as the credit score changes so that you can easily identify it and in case of any fraud you can easily detect it and take necessary action.
  • Using its in-app referral facility, you can easily apply for a loan by filling up the form with the data from this app.
  • You can use this Mint app very safely. With multi-factor authentication or some other means, it maintains the security of the users very strictly.
  • Use this Mint app very safely. With multi-factor authentication or some other means, it maintains the security of the users very strictly. Your account and sensitive data will be very secure here.
  • you can also use the desktop version at Sync your bank accounts, credit cards, budgeting, spending and more across your devices and There is much more you can do to make your personal finance management process much better.

In addition to earning income, it is also very important to manage it properly. And you can use this Mint application to get any help in this regard.

Intuit Inc

105.00 MB

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