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Description of Yelp

Yelp application is an amazing review sharing platform. It was founded in 2004 by former Paypal employees Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman. On this Yelp app, people give their reviews about various services of their choice.

You have visited a new place but do not understand which hotel is convenient for you or where you can find a good beauty salon. Or don't know which shopping mall or online shop will be best for your shopping. In this case, the Yelp app can help you a lot.

Here you will find numerous honest reviews on various topics that will help you decide. In addition to reading reviews, you can order food at home, get an idea of a location, plan to watch your favorite game.

You want to start a small business in a new place but do not understand which business will be more profitable for you. In this case also you can take the help of Yelp. Altogether Yale will serve as your excellent online guide. You can easily get any suggestion just by using a smartphone.

About Yelp application

  • With this app you can easily find the nearest restaurant or food delivery.
  • You can easily find the nearest top-rated food place or bar.
  • Many pictures are attached to the review. You can easily decide where to have breakfast, lunch or dinner by looking at them. From the app you can make reservations and book tables for you.
  • You will find new locations to visit here. You don't have to be bored at home.
  • At Yelp you will find the contact Number or address needed to start a business.
  • You can also visit Yelp's photo gallery to add photos and share experiences.
    You can also know the experiences of others from here.
  • There are also cash back offers for check in at certain places.
  • Yelp will be with you as your travel guide.

Is Yelp trustworthy:

The question now is how credible the reviews are. There are a lot of fake or paid reviews in the crowd of countless reviews. Many give deliberately bad reviews so that the business of the opponent is harmed. So you have to check well before making any decision.

This app will give you a nice idea about any place. This will help you with everything from finding a location. You can also find out what's new in known places. The app must be on your list of favorites.

Yelp, Inc

82.62 MB

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