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Android 11

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Description of Android 11

Android 11 is the eleventh version of the widely used mobile operating system incorporating privacy development and preparing for the 5G network. It is the last updating of the Google operating system before coming the Android 12.

It follows undoubtedly the best security and privacy rules. So, your device keeps 100% safe. Android 11 follows all international legal procedures. Android 11 mainly focuses on improvement and change in several areas.

  • Behavior
  • Background location
  • Storage
  • File access

Attractive Features:

  • Wonderful design
  • Including newly bubble options, biometrics, multimedia, connectivity,
  • Built-in screen recorder. Create short videos like TikTok. You use the Mic to narrate the video and screenshot type video create.
  • New conversation tab. you can pin conversation to bubbles
  • Smart home and media controls. Control Internet of Things (IoT) i.e. whatever smart devices related to the internet you can connect easily. It can be called “Smart Device Control”.
  • Wirelessly support: Play music on your device and connect other similar devices to watch
  • Improve accessibility: braille keyboard option, no need for other software to enjoy this
  • Improve prediction tools
  • Dark theme scheduling. Day time or night time when device remain dark mode it is pre-set.

In a nutshell, Android 11 is considered the latest and very stable version. It is the best android for phone lovers. So, Android 11 is the smoothest and easiest for users as it has a set of unique functions and features that do not hold other operating systems.

Android 11
Smart Theme

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