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Description of Dragon City

Dragon City game is very exciting farm game. This game is developed and published by Socialpoint.

About This Dragon City Game

In this Dragon City game, you will find a floating island. You have to collect a lot of dragons here and raise them. You have to feed the cute baby dragons (here you have to build a farm and produce food for them), make a place for them to stay, take care of them, treat them well and turn them into extraordinary monsters.

You will train the dragons according to their needs. Help them grow. And expand their city. In short, you have to create and manage a dragon kingdom.

You will feel a great feeling when you are surrounded by dragons of various elements like Fire, Nature, Legend which have grown in your care.

Some Awesome Features of Dragon City

  • Here are more than 1000 dragons to increase your Dragon City.
  • New dragons are being added every week through breeding events and special islands.
  • With all the great dragon skins you can decorate your fav. dragons. You can do this by special events.
  • You can collect special types of dragons by playing with other dragon masters. You can get Warrior’s chests. Can go to a better position on the leaderboard
  • In this game, you can bring dragons from the magical world in the Tree of Life and use their skills.
  • You can easily win battles by collecting orbs and making your dragons more powerful.
  • You can build Guardian Dragon Towers by unlocking advanced game features.
  • Also, the game is rich in all the great features

These nice features of the game will give you a very amazing gaming experience.

Strongest dragons of Dragon City

  • Strongest Dragons
  • Elements Dragon
  • Apocalypse Dragon
  • Supersonic Dragon
  • High Guardian Dragon
  • Double Terra Dragon
  • Cool Fire Dragon. 
  • Wind Dragon. 
  • Soccer Dragon.
  • Colossal Dragon
  • Drain bow Dragon
  • And many more.

Dragon City is a great game to get lost in the virtual world of the dragon.

Who wouldn’t love to get lost in the kingdom of all these awesome dragons?

Download the game on your phone and become the best Dragon Master. You can easily download the game to your phone from this AppsGag website. This Dragon City game will definitely give you a lot of pleasure.

You will definitely enjoy some time with dragons on vacation from real life.

Dragon City

295 MB

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