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Kia Connect

Kia Connect GmbH

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Description of Kia Connect

Kia Connect APK is a convenient application for Kia vehicle owners. With this application, you can easily control your Kia vehicle with ease. The application will provide you with everything in detail to manage your car through your smartphone.

In the latest Kia Connect app, you can enjoy the Kia motor-connected car service. Its service will allow you to turn on and off-air conditioners, check parking locations, battery status and control, door lock/ opening, and so on. However, to access its service you must purchase its subscription.

Additionally, unlike other applications, it doesn’t contain any instructive ads. Thereby, without any irritation, you can navigate the app on your smart device. All in all, this app makes sure you get everything at your fingertips to smooth your journey with the Kia vehicles.

Features Of Kia Connect Application

The app has introduced lots of additional features. By any chance, if you find yourself in trouble like an accident or breakdown, you can immediately contact car assistance for help. Plus, it will constantly send you notifications and updates on any problem with a solution.

On top of that, the app will assist you to find your car in the parking lot in a matter of seconds.

Besides, you can track your car fuel cost, income, and services or maintenance schedule with helpful reminders for the interval services. Essentially, Kia Connect latest version app provides its customers with all the information regarding the Kia vehicle.

Let’s take a look at its fanciful features below.

  • Emergency lights/ horn sounding.
  • Door lock/ opening.
  • Remote Start Settings option.
  • Check your parking location.
  • Rear occupant alert.
  • Battery status and control.
  • Route navigation.
  • Destination transfer.
  • Remote start and temperature control.
  • Push notification settings.
  • Notification message box.
  • Multimedia and navigation updates.

How To Register And Activate Kia Connect Services

The app is useful for monitoring and maintaining Kia vehicles through smartphones. Therefore, to register and activate the app, follow the steps below.

Step 1: To access splendid car services, download Kia Connect APK and install it.

Step 2: After completing the installation process, open the app on your Android device.

Step 3: Enter your email address and contact number to register an account.

Step 4: Afterwards, select a vehicle and click on add.

Step 5: Read and accept the terms of use. 

Step 6: Use the QR code to scan the infotainment system from the modem information.

Step 7: Then the code will instantly download from the system, confirm it by clicking on “Yes”.

Step 8: Now enter the code of letters and numbers into the application and click Add Vehicles.


Kia Connect APK is an app for car maintenance reminders and tracking your car expenses. Here you will find everything you need from checking your parking location to remote door lock and unlock, finding your car, controlling the light and horn, turning on and off the AC, and adjusting the temperature.

Overall, it is a great app for keeping tabs on all your car maintenance and needs.

Kia Connect
Kia Connect GmbH

17.6 MB

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