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SAKURA School Simulator

Garusoft Development Inc.

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Description of SAKURA School Simulator

SAKURA School Simulator is a great simulator game made in Japan.

You will play in the "Sakura-city" of the fictional world here. The situation in this game will give you a mixed world feeling, you will be able to experience in this game both the daily life of a real high school in Japan and what is shown in the anime there.

A lot of imaginative elements are contained in this game, but you will find only half which is taken from a real Japanese school. With this SAKURA School Simulator game, you can virtually live the daily life of a Japanese high school student.

This SAKURA School Simulator game is not an action and shooting game, it is a simulator. Although the game has legalized violent actions and elements. But here you will not find any details of blood. Here the people of the game world will just faint, not die.

Don't get the idea of ​​death in this game. In it, you will see that fainted people will wake up the next day.

In the latest SAKURA School Simulator game, you can control and change up to 4 players at the same time (both are valid after viewing ADS), you can choose aircraft clothes, talk to students and other people, choose sentences to talk about, Able to make friends and lovers through simulation.

You can also attend school lessons, buy and use something yourself, or give it to someone else, eat at a sushi bar. Car recovery stores can make money.

You can drive until the car breaks down. You will be able to concentrate on horseback riding in the amusement park. You will also be able to do many more things that will affect and emulate your game in different situations.

There is no end to this SAKURA School Simulator Android game. You can create the situation you like and find the way you want to play. You must like this excellent game. If you want to play it, download SAKURA School Simulator APK from here.

SAKURA School Simulator
Garusoft Development Inc.

256.7 MB

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