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Description of SoLive

SoLive app is an extremely popular Android social app. Now its rating is 4.4 out of 5. Over 5000000+ people still now installed it.

Nowadays, people engross in mobile phones for hundreds of reasons. So, everything is centered by smartphone. The SoLive mobile app makes people’s tasks easy and simple. Apps convert the tedious task into enjoyable.

SoLive application is such an excellent user-friendly app to do video chat with people all over the globe. It helps you to increase your communication and connection with the different places of distinct people.  

You like entertainment and fun. SoLive takes an amazing fun video chatting with new people. Meeting new people is interesting all time. Diversified lifestyles give you a different flavor of life. Every geographical location and different culture’s people have distinct ways of life and lifestyle.

So, meeting with new people broad your horizon.

You get a new idea of life. How do other areas and cultures’ people lead their lives and what is the difference, it can be compared? SoLive app is a great way to meet people virtually to know the life related issues.

You do not like to do the same thing again and again. If you feel bored and lead stressful life you can go for the fun making app. SoLive creates enjoyable video chats with new people. So, you want to get rid of it.

SoLive amazing feature,

  • Attractive and wonderful interface of the app
  • On time of video chat option. If you want to skip one person's video chat to go to another person you can do it easily.
  • Having a strong privacy policy which Secure and safe the data of users. 
  • Creating lookalike friends’ group.

Why do you opt for SoLive?

It breaks the geographical barrier. SoLive app, the greatest online video chat community so far. It is so simple and fun! Just click, connect and start a video chat with real people.

Hyperchat Limited

110 MB

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