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Description of Spyzie

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With the advancement of the internet, everything has become much easier, also the crimes. Cybercrime has become very common these days.

People buy smartphones for their kids to easily reach them and be updated with their whereabouts. But smartphones come with lots of features that could lead them to unknown dangers and wrong decisions. For parents wanting to keep an eye on what their kids do with their phones, Spyzie is the best application.

Spyzie app is a cell phone tracker that tracks one's movement and location, monitor their activities and control what apps they can access or even set when they access some phone features. This app is also very useful for people who strive to monitor their partners, co-workers, colleagues, etc.

Key Features of Spyzie

  • Track Location

Spyzie application permits you to track the location of the target phone. It uses GPS on the smartphone and pinpoint the exact location of the target. It also keeps records of all previous locations letting you know where your targeted person has been, not just where he/she is right now. This feature also comes handy to find out the device location, if the device is stolen.

  • Monitor Calls and Contacts

If you want to find out who your spouse or children are talking to then Spyzie can help you with it by providing you the complete call logs of the targeted device. You can see their name, phone numbers, duration of call, time & date of calls, etc. You can also see the deleted calls using the Clue section of Spyzie.

  • Track Social Media Activity

Every parent wants to know what their kids are doing on social media. With the latest Spyzie app, you can track your kids' social media such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Tinder, Skype, Kik, Viber, and more. You can monitor your kid's messages and conversations on social media apps. This feature helps you to find out if your kid is facing dangers like cyberbullying and cyber harassment.

  • Monitor Browser History

Checking browser history is the best way to know what your kids are doing online. Spyzie app allows you to see the types of websites your kid visits, even the deleted ones.

  • Monitor Messages and Email

Spyzie permits you to monitor the texts and emails of the targeted phone. This feature is for the people who are suspicious of their partners, employees, or kids' activities.

  • Block Apps

Many applications are not suitable for kids. To prevent your child from using these apps, Spyzie has a feature that enables you to turn off any app from the phone's dashboard without touching the target phone.

  • Real-Time Screenshots

This is easily the best feature of Spyzie. It allows you to take real-time screenshots of the target phone (if it is turned on) at the instant. So, you can know what your kid is doing at the exact moment.

  • Geo-fencing

With the Geo-fencing feature in Spyzie application, you can create areas of note on the map with both safe zones and danger zones. You will receive an alert when your child gets into any of the Geo-fences you created. For example, you can create Geo-fences around bars, brothels, and other unsafe places, that way you will be alerted once your child is around these places.

Other functions

  • Track suspicious activities
  • Schedule restriction to use the phone
  • Keylogger and Keyword alert for using a ban and dangerous language.
  • View the Calendar, planned events, and their location.
  • Monitor memos and reminders

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