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Description of VidLii

VidLii APK is an alternative app to the YouTube that offers a wide range of notable features. It allows users to watch unlimited videos from a wide range of different channels and categories. It is completely free that supports multiple languages for users from different countries around the entire world to provide better experiences.

Besides, the latest VidLii application provides proper privacy and security to the users so that they can stream videos without worrying about their safety. Also, it doesn’t collect and share any of the user's data and personal information with third parties.

Features of VidLii App

  • It offers a wide collection of videos for users to watch along with a community to explore it
  • It allows users to watch completely ad-free videos so that they don’t face any kind of interruption while watching their favorite content
  • It doesn’t mandatory for users to log in or register to watch videos on this app
  • Users can not only watch videos but also, they can upload their videos and comment on the videos to share their opinions
  • VidLii latest version allows users to download their favorite videos and share them with their friends, family members, and others
  • This app offers a wide variety of categories for videos that include Film & Animation, Sports, Pets & Animals, Gaming, Entertainment, News & Politics, Howto & Style, Education, Science & Technology, Comedy, etc
  • There are also multiple categories for channels as well including Partners, Members, Comedians, Gamers, Musicians, Animators, etc
  • Users will get a lot of colors for the app theme, for example, Blue, Pink, Black, Yellow, Orange, etc. so that they can customize the appearance of the app as per their preferences

How To Use VidLii App

  1. At the very first, you have to download VidLii APK by tapping on the download button that is given twice on this website.
  2. Secondly, go to your downloads and click on the app to install it on your device.
  3. Once the download and installation have been completed, click on the app icon from your device’s home screen to open it.
  4. After opening it, you will be taken to the home page where you will find featured videos, the most popular videos, and those videos that are being watched now. You can either start watching these videos or search for your desired videos.
  5. To search for the video you want to watch, click on the search icon, and enter the name or keyword of the video in the text box and click on the search button.
  6. You can filter the segment of your search. There are three options for filtering your search result that are All, Videos, and Members. You can choose any of these options and it will show you filtered videos as per your keyword.
  7. On the right side of the home page, you can find the Videos option. It will show you videos from four segments including Newest, Most Viewed, Most Discussed, and Top Rated. Here, you can also watch videos from different categories.
  8. There is a Channel option that is located beside the videos option. Here you will get the most viewed, most subscribed, most discussed, and top-rated channels from where you can watch videos from different channels. You can get a wide variety of categories for channels as well.
  9. On the right side of the Channel option, you will get a Community section that will show you different communities in this app and you can see tweets and comments about videos along with the app itself. You can also comment here.
  10. You can upload your videos here too by clicking on the upload button at the very right side of the app page.
  11. You can also sign up in this app by clicking on the Signup button. You just have to enter your email address, username, password, country, and birthday to sign up for it.
  12. At the top right corner of the app page, there is a three-dot icon where you will get other features including Refresh, Download List, Theming, Share, About, and Exit.
  13. From the download list option, you will find your downloaded videos. You can change the color of the app theme by clicking on the Theming option and selecting your preferred color.
  14. To exit from the app, click on the Exit button.


VidLii APK is the most widely used and popular app for watching YouTube videos without any advertisements, or sponsor blocks that provide seamless streaming experiences to the users. It allows users to customize the appearance as per their preferences and to provide greater control over it.

With a lot of prominent features and an amazing but easy-to-use interface, it has become the most reliable app for Android users.

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