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Description of VipTools

VipTools application gives TikTok users access to unlimited comments, likes, views, and even TikTok hearts. This app is supported by this short clip maker app. It boosts your likes, views, and comments in a limited time bringing you visibility on your TikTok accounts without putting in a lot of effort in promoting your TikTok.

It is only compatible with Android phones. VIP Tools app does not increase your followers, likes, or comments immediately but takes some time so that the increase looks authentic.

How to Use?

First of all, you need to choose any service you want to use, which includes – followers, hearts, comments, and live-stream views. After choosing a specific feature you need to put the username of your TikTok video or its URL or link and click on the send.

It generates a request for the service prevailed.

Main Functions

  • Fast service: The service provided by VipTools app is super-fast. As soon as your request is generated it starts to work on it and you can gain a boost to your likes, comments, and hearts within a few minutes. But it also keeps a reasonable amount of time gap to make it look real.
  • Free unlimited like, comments, hearts, and followers: VIP Tools application enable Tik Tok users to get many likes, comments, hearts, and followers, for free. The app also allows users to get more views on videos that are streamed live.
  • Easy to use: The user interface for latest VipTools app is very simple, clean, and straightforward, making it easier for the user to operate.
  • No Bot Used: Bot accounts are prohibited in this app. All the followers added through the VipTools app are real accounts.
  • Secure: VipTools is one of the safest applications as its users don't need to log in or register to use the app. You don't even need to give login details of your TikTok account.
  • Free of cost: Everyone loves a free product with amazing service. VipTools is one such app. It is completely free and what's more, it does not keep displaying ads making it more convenient to use.

At present TikTok is one of the most popular video streaming app with over 5 billion registered users. Due to the vast amount of content present, it is very difficult to be noticed. So, VipTools application is like a blessing to those users who want to promote their TikTok account.


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