Zen Idle

Zen Idle

Tech Tree Games

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Description of Zen Idle

Zen Idle APK is an incredible bouncing ball puzzle game. It’s the best idle game with no premium features. The graphics are simple but colorful. Plus, you will be able to play the game offline as well. At the start, it may be slow, but the graph of progress is like exceptional growth.

In the latest Zen Idle game, you can experience different strategies to find the perfect combination of cards and perks. Its music and design come together to produce a mildly interesting, along with extremely tranquil experience as well.

However, you may want to note that the game contains annoying ads. If you want ads ads-free gameplay experience, then you have to purchase the subscription, which comes with a pretty reasonable price. Otherwise, you have to continue the game with ads.

Features Of Zen Idle Game

This game is relaxing and pretty satisfying. The cost or value of the gems doesn’t matter as they only give a boost in the speed of progression. The further each ball progresses, the more in-game currency you make to spend on further obstacle size reduction.

Overall, simple in design, fun, entertaining, and easy to play.

There's even a Discord server to join, where you can talk to other players and the developers about the bugs, or general gameplay with real people. On top of that, it has the option to hide the number animation and the ability to change the size of the radius.

Let's explore Zen Idle latest version features below.

  • 3D graphics.
  • Collectible cards.
  • Perk system.
  • Strategize.
  • Simple gameplay.
  • Unlock new challenges and alter bonuses and environment.
  • Unlock cards.
  • Upgrade to boost your ball value and spawn rate.
  • Choose to play passively or actively.

How To Earn Money From Eliminating Balls In Zen Idle

To earn money from eliminating the balls, follow the method below.

Method 1: To enjoy the most fun and relaxing game download Zen Idle APK and install it,

Method 2: Once the installation is complete, open the game on your Android device.

Method 3: After that, make sure you are playing the game passively.

Method 4: Next, let gravity take place and let the ball fall through the gate to eliminate automatically.

Method 5: Lastly, continue the above process to earn money effortlessly in the gameplay.


Zen Idle APK is an entertaining relaxing game.

It will help you to deal with your stress.

The gameplay is simple and easy to progress. It even has cash balls to give you extra cash if you need it. Plus, you can just sit watching the balls fall and bounce around. Overall, it is a great game with simple graphics and stunning background music, that you can play all day long.

Therefore, to reduce your boredom, download the game now.

Zen Idle
Tech Tree Games

70.6 MB

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