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Description of Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom application is a powerful photo editor and pro camera app. With this app you can capture and edit all the great pictures. This Adobe Lightroom app has simple image editing tools like sliders and filters with which you can easily edit photos from anywhere else.

You can also recover full-resolution photos.


Below are some of the awesome features of the Adobe Lightroom app,

  • With this editing app you can transform your raw images. You can do more by tapping the sliders to improve the lightness and color, including applying photo filters for images. The top photography tools here will breathe new life into your editing.
  • You can pop up photos by restoring light and color. With simple sliders, you can control the photo features from the phone screen.
  • In this Adobe Lightroom application, you will find cropping and rotating tools to find the right size and direction ratio to best display your camera work. You can create clear shots with straight lines by adjusting the perspective with strong steep, guided steep and geometric sliders.
  • With this app you can test and compare different photo versions without losing the original and choose your desired look.
  • Access all your presets anywhere. Image edits on a device are automatically applied elsewhere.
  • Able to control images with selective adjustments. With a healing brush you can remove anything you want. Local Hue Adjustment allows you to accurately change the hue and saturation and improve your photos. You can give nice effects to your pictures by using advanced color grading. You can use your graphical watermark.
  • Here you will find simple and interactive tutorials for fellow photographers that will help you a lot in editing.
  • Here you will find preset-filters and unlimited options with which you can edit professional photos very quickly. Presets You can easily learn every step of the photo editing process by visualizing them. You can combine presets and recreate your favorite photo effects with one click.
  • The unique phone camera of this Adobe Lightroom app further develops your field of photography. You can choose exposure, timer, instant presets, raw and much more. The app allows you to enjoy more control over your photography, including capture modes like Professional and HDR.
  • Adobe Sensei enhances the power of AI by tagging and organizing images based on the objects or people in them. Using hand organizational tools like ratings and flags, you can identify and group your favorite photos and see suggestions for the best photos in all your albums.
  • By creating group albums you can invite others and collect photos of everyone in one place. In the Discovery section you can share your creative process with others so they can see how you got from start to finish. Lightroom Galleries Your photos are displayed online. Any changes you make are always up to date because photo edits are synced smoothly.
  • Also get inspiration from other creatives in the Lightroom community and see personalized content in your feed.

If you want to take and edit professional-level pictures, then you can use this great app. You can download Adobe Lightroom APK to your mobile from below. You can use this powerful app for free.

Adobe Lightroom

264 MB

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