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Description of HushSMS

HushSMS application is for Android smartphones that allow users to send specific types of short messages in GSM Networks. This type of message carries out security checks through penetration tests and bypassing the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) locks of any Android devices (especially Samsung devices).

How it works

HushSMS works by bypassing the Google account verification lock on Android devices by sending a message to the phone you want to locate.

The message that is sent will be discarded on the holder's phone and no trace is left. You will receive a message from the operator that your message has been delivered, proving that your message has been received on the phone successfully. Thus, you can know if the owner's phone is switched off or not.

This HushSMS app does not use some kind of hack, so it is not illegal. It is an ordinary function per standard and works on any phone.

Types of messages HushSMS supports

Using the HushSMS app service you can send these particular types of messages to another phone and know information related to the phone.

      Normal SMS: Standard messages that can be sent to all devices. The maximum limit is 160 characters.

      Flash SMS: Always show on a pop-up window and it can just be read, but not saved or forwarded. It appears without the sender's information. The maximum limit is 160 characters.

      MMS Notification: Automatically created by the service provider, never created by any user. When this type of message is sent the recipient will receive a notification informing an MMS is received.

      PING SMS/Silent SMS: This SMS is received without informing the receiver. HushSMS uses this to get the sender's information records.

      WAP PUSH SI (Service Indication): Sent by companies to inform their customers about their software, credit cards, etc. The maximum limit is 40 characters.

      WAP PUSH SL (Service Load): Send to customers from providers to have good user interaction. The maximum limit is 40 characters.


  • Unlock FRP

The HushSMS application is mainly designed to unlock the FRP of Android smartphones. It works best with Samsung smartphones. It can be used to unlock all new and old Samsung devices with it easily.

  • No PC or Software Needed

HushSMS app does not need any PC or software to work. You can just install the app on your Android phone and use it.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The user interface of HushSMS is simple, smart, and easy to use.

  • Free of Costs

This SMS app does not require any payments, it is free to install and use.

  • Global Use

HushSMS application is openly available for global utilization, so no matter where you live you can access the app and enjoy its benefits.

  • Small-Sized Application

It is highly compressed with its size, making it easy to download and doesn't burden your phone.

  • No Data Loss

HushSMS app is very safe to use with zero percentage of data loss of the user.

  • Display Warning

It displays a warning message if you receive any messages like MWI, replace, different Pings, etc.


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