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Description of AIDE

AIDE application is an awesome tool for Android through which people can develop real Android applications directly from your Android smartphone. Interactive coding lessons need to be followed and step by step you can become an expert app developer.

You need to visualize applications, check for real-time errors with code completion, write code with feature-rich editors, including refactoring and smart code navigation, then run the application, and find bugs using the Java debugger.

This AIDE app has interactive text features with step-by-step instructions for you to develop Android applications and learn Java programming skills. You can become proficient by following the lessons and apply what you have learned in your application projects.

Features of AIDE

  • All the interactive lessons with step-by-step instructions. You can easily learn to code by following the Java Programming Course, Android Development Course, Game Development Course, Android Wear Course.
  • Easily create a sample app, create Java / XML applications, create C / C ++ NDK applications, create authentic Java console applications. You can run your app with a single click without any root access.
  • In this AIDE app, you will find a debugger. You can debug Android Java applications and Java console applications. You will be able to diagnose breakpoints, step-in, step-over, step-out, inspect thread traces, check local variables, check object fields.
  • Here you can check for real-time errors. This will allow you to analyze real-time errors throughout the project as you type and auto-fix for many errors.
  • Its UI design is very user friendly. You can preview XML layouts and You can go to the XML element from the designer's view.
  • You can change the name, inline the variable, introduce the variable, extract the method.
  • Format code, organize imports, out-comment code, Create setters/getters/constructors from fields.
  • You will be able to navigate the code. Go to specification, find uses, go to the symbol, go to the classroom.
  • With this latest AIDE app, you can edit very large files very quickly. You can finish the code for Java and Android XML, here you can get Android online support directly from the code. You can highlight syntax for Java and XML, unlimited undo/redo, pinch zoom, select smart extensions. Get keyboard support with configurable key binding here.
  • Here the UI is optimized for small screens to show as much code/content as possible.
  • In this app, you will find the built-in file manager with the most common features. You can rename, delete, or create a file or folder.

This AIDE app offers Java programs for all types of programmers from the beginning, intermediate or advanced. No matter what level of programming you have, this app will be helpful for you.


40.07 MB

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