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Among Us

Innersloth LLC

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Description of Among Us

Among Us game is an amazing sci-fi murder-mystery game. In 2016, the American game studio Inner Sloth developed and released the game. It’s a multiplayer online game, you can download the game and enjoy it with friends.

How to play Among Us

The Among Us game can be started anywhere in Spaceship, Headquarters, or Planet Base, which you can find on the map. This game has 4 to 10 players. One to three of them is randomly selected to play the role of importers. The rest remains as crewmates.

In this Among Us Android game, everyone will be given some tasks. In order to get into the game, everyone has to complete them correctly. Impostors are also given some fake tasks so that they can blend in with others. Their job is to secretly kill chromates. Trying to prevent others from recognizing them.

Since the impostors are small in number, they have to be a little more careful. They may even recognize other impostors.

However, they have some advantages such as they can ruin the map, traverse vents. They may even recognize other impostors.

Crewmates have to identify the impostors and kill them or save themselves from the impostors and complete all the tasks before they are killed.

To win this Among Us game, the Crewmates have to complete all the tasks on time or eliminate all the impostors. Here are the options of skins, hats, pets. the player can change the outfit from the skins option and the hats option has different accessories for the upper body.

Most of these are available for free, some have to be unlocked with real money. You can also buy pets. These, of course, will be more of a disadvantage than an advantage in this Among Us. Because, with these, others can easily identify you.

Below are some important points of this latest Among Us game for you,

  • To win you have to complete all the tasks or eliminate all the impostors.
  • You have to react very quickly to undo the sabotage of impostors.
  • With admin maps or security cameras, you can keep track of other crewmates.
  • That should be reported as soon as any dead body is found. This makes it easier to find the suspect through a quick discussion.
  • If anyone feels suspicious, an emergency meeting should be called immediately so that the matter can be discussed with everyone.
  • You can vote to eliminate the suspicious impostor.

You will definitely like this Among Us exciting game. You will feel like a character in a detective novel in this game. You can enjoy this great game with your friends.

Among Us
Innersloth LLC

522.3 MB

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