MM Super Patcher

MM Super Patcher

Kuldip Patel

6.11 MB


Description of MM Super Patcher

From here, Download MM Super Patcher apk for your Android.
MM Super Patcher or Mini Militia MOD is an application that allows players to patch the game, Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia, and play with different improvements and advantages over a regular game. 

How to Use? 
The multiplayer action game Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is a very fun and engaging game. But it is also very demanding and hard to play. So, with MM Super Patcher, you can use many additional advantages to make the game easier to play. 
To modify the game this app needs the original play store version of the Mini Militia game, other hacked version does not work with this Patcher. In the interface of MM Super Patcher, there is a function that is used to patch the game and perform the modified version from there.

Features of MM Super Patcher
The developer of the MM Super Patcher has added numerous features in the app with the help of Phoenix mode,

  • Hide from Proxy bomb. 
  • Set a specific speed of the player. 
  • Use the dual gun on the spawn.
  • Get infinite Battle Points, Health, and Ammo.
  • Play the game with a real or even a mod player. 
  • Has Machete Thrower, Special Proxy bomb, and Fire thrower in the Phoenix Mode.
  • Separate the original game and modded game by creating the shortcut for the modded game.
  • Limitless Flying power.
  • Kill teammates.
  • Magic Melee punch.
  • No reload.
  • Open and close Live Patcher using the floating icon. 
  • The smaller size of the app, just 6 MB.
  • Extended firing in all guns to 360 degrees.
  • Weapon of Sarge.
  • Faking skill levels.
  • Bullet per shot.
  • 7x Bullet Speed MOD increased.
  • Unlock Pro Pack. 
  • Restore all the items in the store.
  • Increase Speed MOD to 3x.
  • No gravity.
  • All the weapon’s laser.
  • Any bomb from the rocket launcher.
  • Any bomb from the Saw gun.
  • Any bomb from the Mirror Launcher.
  • Custom Symbol.
  • You can separate the original game and the modded game easily by creating a shortcut for the modded one.
  • Death Sprayer.
  • You can Zoom the Uptown 7 times.
  • New games added are- Primary Gun, Secondary Gun, and the Bomb Spawn.
  • Reward over EMP damage.
  • Only One APK will be sufficient for all the MODs.
  • Secondary and Primary Bomb selector.
  • Primary and Secondary gun selector.
  • QP Mod Server selector.
  • Invisible Magic Bomb.
  • An increase in the range through the increased.
  • Attach the proxy anywhere.
  • This app does not require a Rooted device.
  • And a lot more.
MM Super Patcher
Kuldip Patel

6.11 MB

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