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Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment Corporation

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Description of Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a game that is listed in the arcade category of the app store. The game has won more than five million players and garnered worldwide fans.

In this game, shoot your birds and destroy the buildings with big birds. Destroy greedy pigs using the unique power of Angry Birds. It has 9 playable birds.

The names of the birds,

  • Red Bird: Red
  • Blue Birds: Jay, Jake, and Jim
  • Yellow Bird: Chuck
  • Black Bird: Bomb
  • White Bird: Matilda
  • Green Bird: Hal
  • Big Red Bird: Terence
  • Orange Bird: Bubbles
  • Pink Bird: Stella
  • Grey Bird: Silver

Angry Birds will offer different levels where you need to win using your brain and abilities. The game's scoring is based on a three-star system that wants you to play at the same level until you get at least one star out of three stars.

It is a very simple, fun and very interesting game. This game has a gameplay feature that is perfect for short and fast games.

Features Of Angry Birds

  • Play 15 original episodes - where there are over 680 levels!
  • Enjoy fun and satisfying gameplay.
  • You can compete against other players in the Mighty League.
  • Power-ups to boost the destructive strength of your bird.
  • Can play offline.
  • Play for Free!
  • Simple game

How to play?

  1. At first, download Angry Birds game on your Android device.
  2. Try to understand what you are trying to do.
  3. Start by dragging the slingshot with your finger.
  4. When you're ready, lift your finger off the screen
  5. Get to know your bird.
  6. Observe the entire level and know where to attack.
Angry Birds
Rovio Entertainment Corporation

99.00 MB

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