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Description of Archero

Archero APK is a remarkably exciting game.

You must defeat all the enemies that come across during your journey. In addition, by surviving your journey, you will experience adventure and thrilling moments. Aside from that, control the game effortlessly, but you will face many challenging levels if you progress and complete each level.

In the latest Archero game, you will find various chapters, and each chapter is divided into 50 levels, which means you will get several levels to compete with enemies. However, the disadvantage is you will have only one life, if you are defeated by your enemy then you have to start over again.

That’s why to win each chapter, you have to point arrows at your enemies and shoot them out to blow up. Along with that, you can upgrade your weapon to gain more power to shoot efficiently. The best part of this game is the longer you play the more endless things you will discover.

Features Of Archero Game

This game is such an epic game for Android users. Once you open the game on your device, you will be lost in a mysterious world due to its several challenging chapters. This game could be a great entertainment source to relieve your mental stress.

Look at the features below that you will experience during the game,

  • Experience attractive simple graphics while playing the game.
  • Explore the beautiful world and hundreds of maps in the game. 
  • Easy to handle the game.
  • You will be able to play the game without an internet connection and complete thousands of missions.
  • Enjoy the exceptional weapon.
  • Level up and equip yourself with powerful equipment.
  • Get exciting sound effects during shooting. 
  • Encounter thousands of monsters and experience next-level challenges to defeat. 

How Do I Shoot Arrows In Archero Game

This game is simple to navigate but challenging to survive and defeat enemies. You have to practice a lot to master it and be very focused on specific objects. If somehow during the survival period your health bar reaches zero, then unfortunately you have to start all over again.

That’s why shooting properly is such a crucial part.

If you don’t know how to shoot properly in the game, then follow the methods below.

Method 1: To shoot arrows properly in the game, first download Archero APK and install it.

Method 2: Now open the game on your device.

Method 3: Choose a character and arrows.

Method 4: Start playing the game once you select your arrows as a weapon.

Method 5: Next, make sure you are close enough to the object to shoot. To effectively shoot arrows at your enemies, use your finger and tap on the left and right corners of the screen.


Archero APK is an astonishing all-around action game. With this game, you will experience never-ending waves from enemies and countless attacks. To survive in dungeons, you have to adopt random skills, which makes the game more alive and interesting.

Therefore, download the game now to enjoy the mystery chapter and strong enemy.


1.7 GB

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