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Avakin Life

Lockwood Publishing Ltd

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Description of Avakin Life

Download Avakin Life apk game and play this 3D virtual world on your device.

Avakin Life is an amazing 3D life simulation game. We all want to decorate ourselves as beautiful as we can imagine. We like to imagine a world as beautiful as our dreams. Even if we can't in reality, we can build our virtual entity with the help of this game. Developed and published by Lockwood Publishing, this game was released in 2013.

iOS or Android users can easily download and play this game.

Here you will find various accessories including dresses, shoes, bags to decorate you. You can choose the outfit or outfit according to your mood. You can present yourself as a fashion icon in front of others with the latest fashionable outfits. You can surprise others by winning a fashion contest.

You can rise up to be a fashion diva to others.

A fashionable person must want to decorate his house in a tasteful way. Here you can design your dream home with dozens of apartments, mansions, space shuttles, and more to choose from. You can decorate the house in any style, modern, classic, or Hollywood.

You can also decorate the adjoining part of the house as you like.

There are many more beautiful locations here. Beautiful location, nicely decorated house, and what else do you want?  Now it's time to express yourself in front of the world. Here you can also make many friends, chat with them.

You can enjoy a great time by inviting them.


This is a very fun and exciting game for adults. But some things are not suitable for children. So this game is not for children or teenagers.

This is a really cool game. Who wouldn't love to see themselves in different ways and live a different kind of dreamy life. Create a virtual image of your imagination.

Avakin Life
Lockwood Publishing Ltd

27.64 MB

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