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Description of BandLab

BandLab application is a great music recording studio & social network platform. It is a great platform for artists from all over the world. If you are a musician then this app is perfect for you.

In this BandLab app, you can create your own songs as well as collaborate with world’s renowned creators and producers.

Through this Android app, you can get acquainted with like-minded artists. You can form your own band. And you are getting the opportunity to make yourself more efficient with tips from professionals. And you are able to spread your work among the audiences.

This BandLab application founded by Kuok Meng Ru and its free to use.

Features of BandLab

  • You can create great music videos with all the effects. Here you will find all the amazing effects and the benefits of real time monitoring.
  • Here you have multi-track digital audio workstation. With this you can record live music and export it. Can do final mixing and mastering. All in all, you can customize the track to your liking.
  • Here you will find more than 100 vocal, guitar, bass presets. You can create great music by combining them. And there is an option to add effects, filters, reverbs. Which will make your creation more attractive.
  • Here you can play music on the loop just like professional DJs.Take the sound you want. Add reverb to it. Make music as you like. audiences will definitely enjoy this new kind of sound.
  • In this BandLab app you will find many preloaded sounds of different musical instruments of different genres.
  • Here you have a Variety of virtual instruments, including acoustic guitars, pianos and drums, synthesizers etc. With which you can create all the great music. You will find about 200 musical instruments here.
  • You will find new artists. You will have the opportunity to explore music of different genres. They can inspire you to do new kind of music.
  • You can open an account here and share your music ideas with fellow musicians. You can team up with them. It's a great platform to meet creators from all over the world.
  • Here you can produce professional studio level sound. This BandLab app is best for all types of work including mixing, mastering.
  • You can easily find your rhythm with the help of Twiner and Metronome tools
  • You can add different tests and dimensions by remixing any music tracks.

The BandLab app is very safe to use. Here the music you create will be stored safely on their cloud server. If you are a music related person, you must like this app. Use and spread your talents worldwide.


61.54 MB

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