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Description of CCleaner

CCleaner application developed by Piriform is a fully-featured centrally-managed Endpoint optimization solution, with SMB and Enterprise Network support. It removes unused files from the users' system - freeing up hard disk space and allowing the device to run smoother.

It even cleans traces of online activities, such as - Internet history. It is available for Android, Windows, macOS, etc.

Features of CCleaner

This app provides the following features,

  • Optimize and Clean

CCleaner app work as an optimizer for your device. It optimizes your browser History, application cache, clipboard, and more. It helps you clean the download folders, clipboard content, call logs and messages, etc. You can even clean the call logs and SMS individually, in bulk, by date, or by contact. Also

  • Reclaim Storage Space

It allows you to easily uninstall the unwanted applications on your device freeing up valuable storage space. It also clears junk, such as old and residual files from your device, and allows you to reclaim storage space.

  • Analyze Applications’ Impact

The latest CCleaner application helps you in analyzing your storage space with a Storage analyzer. It checks which apps consume your data and which drains your battery the most, and also find out the unused apps with App Manager.

  • Speed Up Your Device

Unused applications, files, and junks slow down your device. CCleaner quickly and safely removes these and speed up your device. It stops running tasks that drain your device battery making it slow and clean memory with Task Killer (RAM Booster). Many applications run in the background due to the App Hibernation feature. This cleaner app also stops this feature and prevent any app from running in the background until you manually open them.

  • Monitor Your System

Other than optimizing, analyzing, and cleaning CCleaner app also monitors your system. It keeps track of your RAM and internal storage space, inspects the usage of the CPU, battery levels, and temperature of your system.

  • Easy to Use

The app is very easy to operate due to its simple and intuitive user interface. With only a few clicks you can quickly determine the overall impact of individual apps on your device with the help of App Stats feature of this application.

Other Functions

  • Remote optimization of Endpoints
  • Auditing of Endpoint health
  • Remote problem solving
  • Scheduled cleaning and defragmentation
  • Granular control of cleaning rules
  • Simple one-click deployment onto Endpoints
  • Highly-secure Endpoint agent and encrypted communications
  • LDAP/Active Directory support
  • Built-in reporting and auditing tools with data export
  • Process management and RAM cleaning
  • Custom folder cleaning
  • Features for rooted devices

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