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Description of Clash of Souls

Download now Clash of Souls apk private server for your COC game.

Currently, Clash of Clans is one of the most trending and popular games available. It has numerous private servers with additional benefits that make the game easier and more exciting. Clash of Souls is one of the private servers of COC with many unique features making it better than the other servers.

The server offers us a modified version of the original COC. You can get unlimited resources without having to pay a dime and many other benefits in this server.

Different servers

Clash of Souls has 4 different private servers with specific features for each. You can download any of these servers based on your requirements.

  • Clash of Souls S1 (known as The Soul Eater)

This server of COS does not have any buying limits. You can build unlimited buildings, troops, and heroes and train unlimited army such as Battle Blimp, Electro Dragon, etc. You can also get unlimited resources - Gold, Gems, Elixir, Dark Elixir.

  • Clash of Souls S2 (known as The Heart of Soul)

This server is a little different from COS S1 as it has some buying limits. So, you can't create unlimited buildings, troops, and heroes, you will only get unlimited gems. To get a Superhero you can just merge two heroes.

  • Clash of Souls S3 (known as The Velocity of Soul)

This server does not have a modified version, so you don’t find any of the changes as compared to the original COC game while playing in this server. In this private server, you can just get unlimited resources.

  • Clash of Souls Server 4 (The Vengeance of Soul)

This server is the most advanced server of COS, as it includes all the recourses unlimited like building, heroes, custom troops and Unlimited gems, gold, and much more.


  • Unlimited Resources

In Clash of Clans, the most important things are gems and resources like elixirs, gold, dark-elixirs, troops, spells, elixirs, and dark elixir, etc. Like every private server, you get unlimited resources in the Clash of Souls server.

  • Building Time

The building time of the server is almost 0 Sec that means no time at all is needed to build anything.

  • Custom Mods

Clash of Souls app has some additional custom mods that help you to change the variety of heroes, buildings, etc.

  • Compatibility

This service is compatible with iOS & Android devices. Using some external software, you can also play Clash of Clans on your PC through this server.

  • Regular Updates

Clash of Souls server updates regularly on a weekly basis and get new mods for you.

  • No Lag

Most of the COC private server players complain about the lag issues in many servers. But players using Clash of Souls server do not face such problems as it is controlled by a developer team for 24/7 providing us with smooth gameplay without any lag.

  • Safety

Even though Clash of Souls APK is developed by third-party developers, it’s completely safe, as it doesn’t have fraud and affected servers. It never removes your COC account data, unlike some other servers.

Clash of Souls
CoC MOD Servers

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