Coin Master

Coin Master

Moon Active

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Description of Coin Master

Coin Master game is an excellent single player casual game created by Moon Active company.

About This Game

In the Coin Master game, you will win coins to upgrade items to build villages. Although found under the Adventure Games section, it uses gambling mechanics. You have to spin to win coins to create your own game villages or to attack other players' villages. The number of attempts is limited to seven per hour but you can buy additional efforts and items in Chest.

You have to spin the wheel to read on your fate, be it attacking time, looting, or raiding. Winning your loot by landing in coins or gold sacks will allow you to build stronger villages throughout the game and go up the levels. In this Coin Master game, you must win shields to protect your village from the attacks of other Vikings who are trying to attack you.

Not only do you get loot by earning money through slot machines. You can also get it by stealing it from this Coin Master game. You can attack or raid your friend and foe to save enough loot to build your village.

Fight again and again and be victorious against your enemies. Take revenge on those who attacked your village and take what is rightfully yours. Bring your coin dozer and you will become rich again. And you can get more invaluable treasures in other people's villages.

You can enjoy your leisure time by playing this wonderful game. To play the game, you need to download Coin Master APK from below for the very latest secure version.

Coin Master
Moon Active

75.48 MB

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