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CSR Racing

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Description of CSR Racing

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CSR Racing game, short for Custom Street Racing is a free-to-play drag-racing game developed by Boss Alien and Natural Motion Games. Here, the player takes the role of a new racer who wants to make a name for him/herself in an abandoned city ruled by five racing "crews".

Unlike other traditional racing games, it does not feature steering, braking, or acceleration controls, instead of the game emphases on timing gear changes and the use of the nitrous upgrade.


There are five tiers in CSR racing, with each tier introducing progressively faster opposition and vehicles. To move on to the next tier, the player needs to race and beat the crew boss for the level. After that, the boss of each level will challenge the player to a high stakes rematch. If the player wins, they are given the boss's car and if the player loses, they must give back the gold won from the previous boss race. 

Races take place across either a quarter- or half-mile distance, depending on the events that range from repeatable Regulation Races. These races give the player money instantly and are divided into Rookie, Amateur, and Pro.

There are 24 Ladder races in each tier and also Daily Battles. Daily Battles are races with a loaned car that can be done several times per day.

By winning races, the players can earn the cash. They can use the cash to upgrading various parts of their cars, decals that earn cash bonuses per race, or buying a new vehicle from the 'Car Dealer'. They can also earn Gold by leveling up, winning tier boss or that can be used to purchase special cars, decals, skip delivery times for new upgrades, and instantly 'refuel' their cars. Golds can also be purchased. 

World Tour

There is a campaign in CSR Racing called the "World Tour". There are 5 different crews for the racers to race – Italy, UK, Europe, USA, and the International. Beating a crew will earn the player a hypercar. After obtaining the boss cars by beating all the World Tour crews the player can complete The International.

The International has four events – Bull Run, The Hunt, Power Play, and Air Strike. 


The World Tour also has three different gameplay modes,

  • Match Race

Here, the races match to player’s current car set-up. The difficulty of the race does not reduce with upgrading player’s car as it does in regulation races.

a) Easy: Rival's PP is two points lower than the players.

b) Medium: Rival's PP is equal to the players.

c) Hard: Rival's PP is two points higher than the players.

  • Test Drive

CSR Racing requires players to race in a car from the dealer. In this mode, the bonus is that of the car from the dealer not one of the player's cars.

  • Payback

In this mode, the players get another chance to win Boss Cars via High Stakes Challenges and race crew members from Tiers 1-5 and World Tour who the player has already raced with. 

Features and Details

  • Race over 100 licensed cars from the world's most prestigious car manufacturers including McLaren, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Hennessey, and Koenigsegg.
  • Beat the crews to rule the city and tune out their trash talk. 
  • Upgrade the engine, fit stickier tires, and strip out weight to cut every tenth from your quarter-mile time.
  • Customize cars and lift your race earnings with cool custom paint, plates, and decals.
  • Player inbox - access several different pieces of information such as inbox rewards, daily login, news updates, and social links.
  • Prizes – pieces of pro cars, gold, cash, gas pips, a full gas refill, next upgrade free, temporary respect point bonus percentages, a crew member for the next 5 minutes.
CSR Racing
NaturalMotionGames Ltd

547 MB

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