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Description of CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN APK provides you security and privacy to surf the internet world, without any worrying. This free service will assist you in accessing 23 servers in 15 different countries. However, in a premium version, you will be able to access 300 servers and dozens of countries.

In this manner, the latest CyberGhost app will allow you to use any server smoothly and effectively.

This app assists in hiding IP addresses and securing a proxy server so that you can access banned sites anonymously. Also, it will protect you from online theft and hackers. Consequently, hackers won’t be able to collect your data and trace your online activities.

Furthermore, this CyberGhost application stands out from the various VPNs due to its arc file option. You just need to download the arc file, and it will take you to a private virtual network service that keeps hiding your identity and lets you surf the internet world securely.

So, to take your online surfing to new heights, this app will be an idle choice.

Features of CyberGhost

This VPN app has tremendous features that make your surfing world interesting. It allows users to connect and access from anywhere around the world. Along with that, you will get a visual interface to navigate the app effortlessly. Here you can observe your position on the world map server.

To enhance your online surfing experience, it has tremendous features.

  • Get strong protection while using public and private Wi-Fi networks.
  • Surf the internet world virus-free because it blocks malicious sites strongly.
  • Assist in hiding your IP address.
  • Blocked cookies.
  • Easily access blocked sites without any obstacles.
  • Prevent online tracing.
  • Provide security from traffic interceptions.
  • Get free access to 23 servers in 15 different countries without spending a single penny.
  • It provides AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Prevent DNS and IP filtering.

How To Enable CyberGhost On Android Device

Enabling a VPN on an Android device will ensure your internet world surfing will remain secure and strong. Therefore, it would be a wise decision before diving into the online world, to make sure you have enabled the VPN on your device. It will give you an advantage and secure you from hackers and online tracers. To do that, follow the steps below.

  1. First things first, download CyberGhost VPN APK on your device.
  2. Now, go to settings from your device.
  3. Tap on Apps.
  4. Now tap on the three buttons in the upper right corner.
  5. Next, select Special Access.
  6. After that, tap on Install Unknown Apps.
  7. Find the browser that you are using and toggle the button on.
  8. Now install the app on your device.
  9. Once the installation is complete, tap on open.


CyberGhost VPN APK is the best app among the various VPN services. It has strong privacy and security features. It will provide you with a private virtual network service so that you can surf online tension-free. So, download it now to keep your identity safe online from hackers and tracers.

CyberGhost SA

47.57 MB

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