Digimarc Verify

Digimarc Verify

Digimarc Corp

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Description of Digimarc Verify

Digimarc Verify APK is a quality management system application.

With it, you can inspect digital content, proofs, and printed sheets to validate and evaluate Digimarc barcode implementation. Plus, verifying mobile helps swiftly validate that the GTIN information, in the imperceptible Digimarc barcode, correctly matches data in the traditional UPC/EAN barcode.

In the latest Digimarc Verify app, you can quickly ensure the accuracy of data on packaging and thermal labels. Moreover, the app standard has been set by its robust feature set and widest support for critical use cases.

Moreover, the app empowers you to identify batch, regional, or individual item-level products. It is accurate, fast, reliable, and best of all user-friendly. You can use it on anything that has a barcode. In addition, it will keep track of all the items you have scanned.

Overall, it is the best app for scanning products. 

Features Of Digimarc Verify Application

It is a great help in any store. Just scan an item and compare prices with surrounding stores, show the manager their competitor's price, and instantly get a markdown. Aside from that, it is also very effective to verify the accuracy of data on packaging and thermal labels.

Usually, Digimarc Verify latest version app can capture barcodes quickly and you don’t have to put the camera very closely. The cool part is that no intrusive ads will pop up frequently to irritate you. Works just as described, which is quick and easy to operate.

Let's take a look at its sensational features below.

  • Data flexibility.
  • Item level identification.
  • Closed system security.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Other data carries.
  • Invisible for secrecy, safeguarding, aesthetics, and performance.
  • Encryption to protect your data and permission that limits access and awareness.
  • Serve multiple purposes with flexible information.

How To Use Digimarc Verify On Android

To use the app efficiently on your mobile device, follow the method below.

Method 1: To instantly ensure the accuracy of data on packaging, download Digimarc Verify APK and install it.

Method 2: After finalizing the installation process, open the app on your mobile phone.

Method 3: Next, hold the mobile device 4-7 inches from the proof.

Method 4: Then, scan the traditional 1D barcode of the package or thermal label. So, it can compare the Digimarc barcode to the traditional 1D barcode and display the result.

Method 5: Once a successful match is obtained, the green animation will display all enhanced areas of the package.

Is Digimarc Verify App Free To Use On Android

Yes, the app offers a free digital detection tool. By using it, you can easily scan barcodes, and transform your phone into a product and packaging barcode scanner.


Digimarc Verify APK is a very handy tool to scan anything. The app assists in ensuring the accuracy of data packaging and thermal labels. Additionally, the app is very user-friendly and incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is just point your device 4-7 inches at a barcode.

Therefore, to quickly scan the barcode and scan in multiple views, download the app now.

Digimarc Verify
Digimarc Corp

39.5 MB

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