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Doctor Game


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Description of Doctor Game

Doctor Game application is a great educational Role Playing game. This will allow you to get acquainted with the procedures for visiting the doctor and get an idea about the different problems of nose, ears, eyes or different injuries.

How to use:

To use this great app, first you have to download Doctor Game APK from here. After that, you can start playing here. You can treat children by playing the role of a child doctor here. Kids will come to you with different problems.

For example, aching tooth; smelly mouth; dirty teeth; sore throat; swollen ears; ear pain; mild fever; sneezing; running nose; displaced bone (simple bone puzzle); upset stomach. You need to treat them in a very friendly way.

Feature of Doctor Game

Below are some features of this Doctor Game app,

  • While playing this game you will find 6 Lovely Young Kids as Patients whom you will treat.
  • Here you will find six different types of medical treatments
  • Find more than 15 doctor's tools that you normally see in different clinics.
  • You will get great friendly expressions, sound and animation during this Doctor Game.
  • The kids will thank you after successfully curing the symptoms of the disease.
  • In this game the treatment process ends with applause and cheer.
  • At the end of each diagnosis you will find funny balloons pop game here which will give you a lot of pleasure.

Doctor Game is wonderful educational app will give a lot of fun not only to children but also to adults. This will allow you to inform the kids about the common symptoms that we should go to the doctor. Also, many of us are afraid to go to the hospital, this app will help a lot in that fear.

Everyone in a family, young and old, needs to be aware of their health. Health is the root of all happiness. As we learn about various diseases and their cures through this fun game, it also gives us a lot of awareness about our health.

Doctor Game

36.75 MB

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