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Dr. Driving

SUD Inc.

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Description of Dr. Driving

Download Dr. Driving APK game and play race with unknown people.

Dr. Driving is an amazing Racing Game developed by SUD Inc. This game has all the great driving challenges for you. In this game you have to improve your driving level through various driving challenges.

At the beginning of the Dr. Driving game, you will get the KOS car by improving the driving level, you will get a better and more modern car for driving. Every player has a dream and desire to drive an advanced and latest model car.

In a VIP escort game, you have to drive very smoothly and safely at normal speed. In the case of Speed Park, your goal will be how fast you can park your car in the parking lot. Your objective in the speed mission will be to cross the finish line in the shortest time possible.

You will get turns which are not in the previous one Each mission has a beautiful description of what you need to do.

In this Dr. Driving game, your goal will be to complete various missions by driving beautifully from one end of the city to the other. You need to drive smoothly without increasing the speed. You have to park the car in the parking lot in a beautiful way. Care should be taken to avoid any collision or accident.

You will be given coins/experience points after successfully completing each mission. With them you can buy new model cars in this Dr. Driving. Coins can also be used for other tasks, including car repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.

One of the good things about this Dr. Driving Android game is that you can change almost anything from setting up to your liking. You can set a great background music that will make your driving more enjoyable.

Each challenge has its own leaderboard. You can easily find out where you are on the leader board from the Apple Game Center. Every player likes to see himself at the top of the rank.

Hope, you are ready for a new mission. Those who like racing games can download this game from below. Dr. Driving just as exciting as the real racing.

Dr. Driving
SUD Inc.

10.99 MB

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