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Description of dSploit

dSploit app is a penetration testing suite developed by Simone Margaritelli for Android devices. It contains a wide range of functions that allow users to analyze, capture, and manipulate network transactions.

It is one of the best intruding test tools consisting of many modules that are capable of performing network security assessments on wireless networks.

Key Features

  • Trace: dSploit application permits you to execute a traceroute on your desired target.
  • Port Scanner: It has a port of syn scanner to identify open ports on a single target quickly.
  • Inspector: Using this feature the dSploit application identifies target operating systems and services through deep detection. This feature is slower than syn port scanner but it is more accurate
  • Crack Wi-Fi: dSploit app scans Wi-Fi and show green access points with known default key generation algorithms. You can easily crack the Wi-Fi by clicking on them.
  • Vulnerability Finder: This feature searches for known vulnerabilities or risks on the target running services, present on the National Vulnerability Database.
  • Find Password: DSploit lets you identify passwords of different protocols, including - HTTP, FTP, IMAP, IMAPS, IRC, MSN, etc. from the target.
  • Redirect Traffic: Using this app, you can change the routes for all the HTTP traffic to another address.
  • Simple Sniff: You can also redirect the traffic of the target through this application and show some relevant stats while detecting data and dumping it to a pcap file.
  • Login Cracker: dSploit offers you a very fast network log-in cracker, that enables a variety of services.
  • Session Hijacker: This feature permits you to identify multiple cookies on the network and hijack sessions.
  • Kill Connections: dSploit kills the prevention objective to get to any website or server connections.
  • Packet Forger: With this application, you can craft and export a personalized TCP or UDP packet to the target in the form of Packet Forger. For example - Wake on LAN packets.
  • Man-In-The-Middle (MITM): dSploit app provides a bunch of the MITM tools to command and hold the access of the entire network.
  • Replace Images: You can reinstate the pictures on any pages of a website, with one particular image that you want.
  • Swap Videos: You can also change all YouTube videos on webpages with the specified one.
  • Reinstate Custom Text: This application helps you replace any texts on web pages with particular ones.
  • Inject Script: dSploit Android app allows you to insert a JavaScript in all of the Web pages that you browsed.
  • Thrash Website: With it, you can thrash all the websites that restrict the target to reach the preferred website and servers.

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