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Description of File Manager +

The File Manager + application helps users to manage and transfer files between the smartphone's storage and a computer. Unlike native tools, this app allows you to store a variety of files on the phone.

It is one of the best file manager and explorer applications. It helps you manage files and folders on that device as well as your attached disks and NAS (Network-attached storage). This application lets you copy, view, edit, delete, or move files and folders.

Key Features

  • Manages Files

File Manager + is a great way to clean your smartphone and put everything in order. With this application, you can locate and organize everything stored on your Android device by moving or deleting any file accordingly.

  • Supports All File Formats

It supports almost every type of file available, including media files and major file formats like APK.

  • Copy and Share

File Manager plus app allows you to copy files to any storage location that you want. You can even directly share files with others through apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, or Google Drive. Sending files via SMS/MMS, Bluetooth, or e-mail is also possible.

  • Main Storage and SD Card

With File Manager + app, you can manage all your files, folders, and applications on both your internal storage and external storage.

  • File Types

Your files and folders are automatically sorted by their file types and characteristics, such as downloads, videos, images, apps, etc. so that you can easily find exactly where the file you are looking for is located.

  • Apps Management

Using File Manager app, you can easily see and manage all the applications installed on your device.

  • Cloud Storage

This app allows you to access your cloud storage and also remote or shared storage like NAS and FTP server, and helps you manage and store your files there.

  • Analysis

File Manager + helps you to analyze your local storage and clean up unnecessary files. You can also find out which files take up the most space and act accordingly.

  • Built-In Utilities

You can choose to use built-in utilities, such as Internal image viewer, Internal music player, Internal text editor, etc for faster and better performance.

  • Access from Other Devices

It allows you to access your android device storage from PC or other devices to manage files on your Android device using the File Transfer Protocol, FTP.

  • Absolutely Free

File Manager + is free to install and use. No sign-in or registration is needed.

  • Simple User Interface

The user interface of the File Manager plus app is very simple and clean making it easy to use.

File Manager +

5.81 MB

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