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Flow Legends


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Description of Flow Legends

Flow Legends APK is an excellent, fun puzzle-pipe game. It starts incredibly easy but the more you progress the harder it will get. Alongside it has fun graphics and funny animations too. The game is so interesting that you won’t get bored anymore.

In the latest Flow Legends game, you can experience a unique genre puzzle game. All you have to do is fix the pipe and figure out a way to connect. Maybe the graphics look very childish, however, any group of aged people can play the game on their device with ease.

Unlike other games, it doesn’t contain too many ads. Despite that, you may experience some intrusive ads, but it will be bearable. The game concept is cute and educational. It taught you to help your community even with limited resources.

Features Of Flow Legends Game

It is a great puzzle game with great characters.

Likewise, it is a great time-killer game as well. By playing it, you won’t realize when the time has passed. Besides, the game contains lots of challenging levels to compete with. However, it also offers a premium subscription to unlock its advanced features.

Whether you can play the game for free or upgrade the plan to experience extra features, the choice is yours. The gameplay will play a vital role in enhancing your strategic thinking and planning. After that, the game has numerous features to take your puzzle game experience to new heights.

You can even play Flow Legends latest version game offline as well.

Let's explore its fab features below.

  • 2D design with colorful graphics.
  • Offers a bunch of challenging levels to compete with.
  • Connect the pipe to let the liquid flow.
  • Lots of character and pipe skins on offer.
  • Build an entire town from scratch.
  • Unlock new pets and earn more coins.
  • Pull pins to direct the flow of the cash.
  • Complete all three puzzles to complete the level.

How To Play Flow Legends On Android

The game is very constructive and educational. Plus, you can play the game whenever and wherever you want. To play the game efficiently on your smart device, follow the method below.

Method 1: To enjoy an extraordinary puzzle game download Flow Legends APK and install it.

Method 2: After completing the installation process, open the game on your Android device.

Method 3: Accept the terms and policy.

Method 4: Tap on play.

Method 5: Drag and connect, then tap on continue.

Method 6: To conclude, follow the same process at every level and enjoy the game.


Flow Legends APK is a fun puzzle game that has lots of variety.

It's exactly like the advertisement. It starts out simple but gets more complex as you progress. The same few ads play over and over though but at least you earn skin by watching them. In addition, the gameplay is simple and easy to play. Its cute graphics will lure you to play the game all day long.

Overall, it is a very addicting and great time-killer game.

Flow Legends

153.3 MB

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