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Description of FM WhatsApp

You can now download FM WhatsApp APK on your Android phone.

MODs are always a better choice than original apps when it comes to WhatsApp. Whether you have used the MOD version before or you are looking for a new version, then the latest FM WhatsApp app will make all things such as chatting, exchanging large files, etc. easier for you.

This mod version offers several features that the original app will not give you.

Things like customization, privacy, security, and advanced systems are always ready to give users a better experience in using this communication platform. If you don't like the features of the original WA and want something extra performance, then this FMWhatsApp app is most important for you.

So, I suggest you download FM WhatsApp application now from the above or below to use it for chatting, sending or receiving photos, videos, audio, and other media files. It will give the freedom to customize the platform so you can make it more interesting.

Features of FM WhatsApp APK

  • Customize the application according to your choice
  • Chat with others as well as make audio or video calls
  • Disable calls feature and never let others make annoying calls
  • Lots of emojis, stickers, fonts, themes, and others are available
  • Hide blue ticks, last seen, typing..., and distribution reports
  • Send videos, audio, songs, pictures, and others up to 500 MB
  • See the status that has already been deleted by the contact
  • Add up to 500 people to a group using this application
  • Keep the privacy and security of various conversations
  • Use dual accounts or multiple accounts in this version
  • Anti-delete, anti-ban, and other features are available also

Advantages of FM WhatsApp Update Version

Currently, globally, the FM WhatsApp latest version is one of the most popular modified versions for its additional features and benefits. Basically, this app is modified and customized to enhance the user experience by offering new features as well as functions.

Some of the advantages are mentioned below for you,

Anti-Delete Messages: If someone sends a message and after that, they removed or unsent it, then you can now easily view those deleted messages with the anti-delete message option.

Call Blocker: Sometimes some unknown numbers call frequently to promote their business which is very annoying. So, from now on, to avoid unwanted and unnecessary calls, you can enable a call blocker. Also, you can filter and limit numerous phone numbers.

Length of Status: You can easily write up to 250 characters to post your status. The original app only offered 139 characters. Basically, in this app, the length of the status text is increased which is useful to express your feelings with more detailed writing.

File Transfer: The latest version allows you to send and share up to 500 MB files simultaneously.

Protect Image Resolution: If you send or share an image with your friends using FM WhatsApp for Android app, it will never lose the image quality. You can maintain full resolution.

Hide: Your friends will no longer be able to detect whether you are online or not. You can enable the last seen and double tick. Because of this, no one will know whether you are seeing the message or not.

Protection: FM WhatsApp new version will protect your private data and information through encryption. No one will have access to your conversations and shared files.

Dual Accounts: You will not face any problems installing and running both the FMWhatsApp mod and the original application at the same time on the same device.

Regular Update: This application is updated on regular basis. Due to this, it is always fresh and fast. After updating, you can always find new and latest features.

Other Features: Many themes, icons, wallpapers, fonts, colors, background colors, emojis, and emoticons are available. So, whenever you want, you can change the look of your app by changing various options.

How To FMWhatsApp APK Download For PC

Downloading and installing this app is simple and easy for your desktop or laptop computer. Here are some steps below for your convenience,

1st Step: At first, FM WhatsApp APK from this AppsGag website.

2nd Step: Now, download an Android Emulator like NoxPlayer or BlueStacks.

3rd Step: After completing the download, you need to install this software on PC and launch it.

5th Step: Click on the Install APK button from the right sidebar.

6th Step: Now, choose the FMWhatsApp file from This PC or Download folder.

7th Step: Install it.

8th Step: That’s it, now you can easily send and receive message from your PC.

All in one, FM WhatsApp APK download can be done from the above.

Is FM WhatsApp iOS Version Available

Currently, the FM WhatsApp iOS version is not available on the Internet, and it is only available for Android mobile or tablet and computer users. It is worth noting that PC users need to install an Android emulator to run the app. And now, there is no version for iPhone or iPad.

Many websites are misquoted to make people think it has an iOS version. It is absolutely unsolicited proof and evidence. So, you don't need to believe such unrealistic and fake information.

Is FM WhatsApp Safe

Of course, it is considered as 100% safe and secure for users. Because it does not contain any malware or threats that can affect your PC harmfully. FMWhatsApp app always fixes issues to improve performance. You don't have to worry about inconvenience whenever using it.

Besides, this communication messenger application is 100% valid for users. This app never engages in any kind of illegal activities that are harmful to its users. Moreover, this app has an anti-ban program. As a result, there is no chance of your account being banned.

So, without hesitation and doubt, you can decide to install and run the app to connect with people.


FMWhatsApp Heymods is the best-modified version of the original WhatsApp application with some vital functional enhancements and improvements. It allows you to exchange messages and make audio or video calls to connect and communicate with friends.

Basically, it is a modified third-party app that has added several additional functions and features. So, it is a very recognized and very necessary application for Android and PC users. Its amazing features and functions will make you forget the original version.

Users consider FM WhatsApp APK as useful for the basic solution of virtual communication.

FM WhatsApp
Fouad Mokdad

89.17 MB

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