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Description of Happn

Happn app is a location-based free online mobile dating application that uses the phone's location to find potential matches within members who are geographically close to each other (within 250-meter proximity) – mostly, those who have passed by each other already.

Every time a user crosses another’s path, that person's profile will be added to the top of their feed. It is available for iOS, Android, or Windows devices. 

How It Works?

The latest Happn application works similarly to Tinder. The app adds the profiles of those users in your feed, who you have crossed path with to find potential matches. 

The app keeps track of your current location and when another user passes by the same place their profile will be shown at the top of your feed. If both of you like each other, then a connection is established which is called a ‘Crush’ in Happn. You can only start conversing with someone if it’s a ‘Crush’. 

Create A Profile 

To create a profile in Happn app, first of all you need to sign up using either your Facebook account or mobile number. After registering you need to import your information, like – your name, date of birth, and gender, from Facebook. Other than these you also need to give some additional information, like your work, education and a description of yourself, etc. There is no screening or verification required to set up the profile. Before you can continue, you must identify whether you want to cross paths with men, women, or both.

‘Like’ and “Charm’

If you come across a profile that you like then you can ‘Like’ that person’s page and the other person will know nothing about it unless they like you back. If both of you ‘Like’ each other than a connection is established and you can start having the chats. 

On the other hand, a ‘Charm’ sends the other party a notification, which they can ignore or reciprocate. You can also 'X' someone anonymously, so there will be no hard feelings and all that. 

A notable feature is Happn offers only 10 ‘Charms’ to the males with 5 additional for every referral) and unlimited supply for the females. 

Contacting Members

The app does not offer any free search options. Only the users that are within the 250-meter range are given as match suggestions. For safety purposes, it does not allow you to send messages to others unless it’s a ‘Crush’. With the premium version, you can also find out who liked you and shorten the process of getting a ‘Crush’.

      Hello

'Hello' is another feature to connect with other members. Unlike the ‘Like’ function it is not a secret action instead it lets the other person know that you want to talk. You get 10 ‘Hellos’ once you sign up.  

      Voice and Video Chats 

Happn application also lets you send voice messages to your crushes. You can also make a video call as long as you don't exceed using it for five minutes.

Other Features

  • My Music Selection

Happn permits you to sync your Spotify account with it. You can share your favorite tracks with your crushes.

  • Crush Time

It is like an in-app game that shows four members that you have recently crossed paths with. You need to choose who among those members liked you and if you get it correctly you can instantly send a message to that user. And if you have predicted it wrong, a 'Like' will automatically be sent to the user that you chose.

  • I'm Up For

You can show what you're presently up for the next six hours. Let others know if you are open to dining out, getting some drinks, watching a movie, or simply going out or and taking a walk.

  • Premium Service

To use Happn app to its full potential you need to get the fee-based Premium option. The payment can be made very easily using any of these options – Credit Card, Direct Debit, PayPal, and Via Mobile Phone. The Happn premium service offers you many benefits that you don’t get to enjoy in the free service such as,

  • Send up to 10 Hellos per day
  • Schedule Invisibility
  • Set your privacy settings and be more mysterious.
  • Remove ads while browsing.
  • Use Crush Time
  • Purchase Charms and Hellos

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