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Fouad Mokdad

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Description of Fouad WhatsApp

You can download Fouad WhatsApp APK from here for free. This application is the most popular WhatsApp mod that people can be used to instant messaging and enhance the functionality of the chat. It provides us with the option to hide specific notifications.

The biggest benefit of using the latest Fouad WhatsApp application is that you will be able to access all of the features without getting a ban. Compared to GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus platform, this Fouad version is great for its amazing features and functions.

That means, you will be able to use all features before everyone else has access.

So, I recommend you download Fouad WhatsApp app now to connect and communicate with friends or family, exchange photos, videos, and other media files, and make audio or video calls to talk with any kind of known or unknown people in the full HD format.

Features of Fouad WhatsApp APK

Fouad Mods provides a lot of features and functions.

  • Very easy to use as it has a great-looking interface
  • Send or receive text messages, photos, videos, and others
  • Hidden chats will not appear in the home unread counter
  • Specify the color on your main screen and chat screen
  • Hide saved media from your phone or tablet gallery
  • Customize settings, themes, fonts, colors, and others
  • Set any image as a background for the home screen
  • Lock the application's chats and files to protect data
  • Anti-ban system will protect you from the banned

How To Download Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version

This modified app is not available on the Google Play Store. So, you have to download it from outside of Play Store. If want to download this app from our website, you can do it. Before installing the app, make sure that the “unknown source” option is enabled.

  1. To get the latest version, download Fouad WhatsApp APK from here.
  2. Wait until download fully complete.
  3. After downloaded, go to download folder.
  4. Open the file and tap the install button.
  5. Wait a few minutes until the install is complete.
  6. Now open the app and set your account.
  7. Enter your mobile number and verify if it's ok. After that, it will ask you to restore the backup and you will restore it. Depending on the backup size, this will take some time.
  8. Then enter your name and tap to the next button. Now open the settings and change the style and mode.

Try to use an updated version on your device. Cause, only the latest version has always Anti Ban feature.

How To Backup FouadMods WhatsApp Messages

Backup FouadMod WhatsApp message is so simple and easy for its users. The following steps help you to know how to create a backup.

  1. First, click 3 dots on the above right side of the app, find several options that popup up.
  2. Secondly, click on Settings.
  3. Thirdly, click on Chats.
  4. Fourthly, click on chat Backup.
  5. Finally, click on Back Up where you need to select Google account, and then click on Allow. After that, automatically created your message back up on your Google Drive.

How To Download Fouad WhatsApp For PC

Download and install the app is very easy and simple for your computer. Here, some steps are stated below for your convenience,

1st Step: Download Fouad WhatsApp APK from here.

2nd Step: Now, download an Android Emulator like BlueStacks or Nox Player.

3rd Step: After completing the download, you need to install on PC and launch it.

4th Step: Now, your PC is ready to download and install this messenger application.

5th Step: After finishing install, you do open and use it.

The latest fouad whatsapp download can be done from the above or below.

WhatsApp Fouad Advantages And Disadvantages

This app is so useful who loves customization and modification. It has some advantages and disadvantages that need to know the users to get proper guide about the app. Some qualities and disqualifies are given below to get a brief idea.


User Interface: Fouad WA allows you to change the entire interface as you want by changing different colors, background colors, themes, and wallpapers.

Message schedule: It helps to create message sending time, day, or month whenever you need.

Auto reply: Create automatic reply whenever are not available.

Lock screen: This Fouad WhatsApp pro application has a Pin and Pattern Lock screen for the users to protect their data and information.

Dark and Light mode: All dialogs contain the color of dark and light.

Voice changer: Whenever you send a voice record you can change voice sound.

Anti-delete message: Whenever you send messages to your friends if they remove the message, it is available on your side.

Hide: You can hide your online availability. Friends do not identify whether you are online or not. The blue tick does not show if you see the message.

Video and audio call and share: You can share videos and audio with your friends up to 500 MB. Besides, make video and audio calls to connect and communicate with friends.

Post long status: Fouad WhatsApp app allows you to write and post 250 characters text. So, you can explain everything in more detail than the original WhatsApp.

Large variety features and functional options: Fouad WhatsApp has a call filter and blocker to block unknown and unwanted calls. Besides, you find hundreds of new themes, fonts, wallpapers, emojis, emoticons, smileys, icons, colors, background colors, and so on.

These options help you to change the outlook of the app whenever you want.


There are several doubts and problems are available in the market about Fouad WhatsApp Android app. Generally, mod apps have some technical glitches that cannot avoid. So, users need to be aware and careful when they decide to install it.

In this case, some disadvantages are mentioned below to use the app the right way.

  1. There is a scope to reach data and information to the third party. So, there is a chance to leak private message.
  2. Original WhatsApp account falls at risk to ban.
  3. There is a suspect that messages may not be delivered authentic servers.
  4. There is a chance to become harmful for business uses. Businesses use and contain a lot of confidential and secret data. So, in this case, there is a chance to affect harmfully.
  5. Plague with bugs, if it doesn’t update regularly, it may harm your device.
  6. Third-party app and unofficial application
  7. Slower than regular WhatsApp

Is Fouad WhatsApp iOS Version Available

It is available for Android mobile phone and PC users. Now, there is no Fouad WhatsApp iOS version available to run. A lot of 3rd party websites mentioned imperfectly to deceive people that it has an iOS version. But it is absolutely undesirable information.

Therefore, you don't require to pay attention to this propaganda or unreal information.

Is Fouad WhatsApp Safe Or Not

This social platform is a 100% safe and secure app.

Fouad WhatsApp new version does not carry any malware, threat, and virus that affect your device. Every now and then, it fixes problems to improve the performance. You don’t feel worried about any hassles whenever use it. Besides, this messenger app is legitimate for its users.

This communication platform followed all legal rules to set up and run. The latest version of the application never engaged in any kind of illegal activities that is harmful to its users. So, you can install the app on a device without feeling an iota of doubt.


Fouad WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the original application. It allows you to chat and make audio and video to connect and communicate with people. It is absolutely an unofficial and third-party app that added several new customized functions.

So, it is so prominent and highly demanded application for web and Android users.

For its extraordinary features and functions, people love to use this application on their devices. The amazing matter is that you need not spend a single penny to download and install Fouad WhatsApp update version. It is completely free for Android mobile or tablet and PC users.

Fouad WhatsApp
Fouad Mokdad

89.17 MB

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