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Description of Game for Peace

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It is a military competition mobile game developed by Tencent Light Speed & Quantum Studios. It pays tribute to the Sky Warriors (in reference to China’s Air force) who defend the national airspace.

This is basically a modified version of Player Unknown's BattleGrounds, in short PUBG. The platform for Game for Peace is iOS and Android devices in Asia (especially China).

A Brief History

China has stern regulations when it comes to Content Compliance Laws. Despite PUBG's huge popularity worldwide, due to China’s laws, it was not being able to monetize and produce profits from the game.

So, to make PUBG available in China without violating any of their Content Compliance Laws, Tencent created a Game for Peace. It does not show any violence like PUBG. It is like a less violent and more patriotic version of PUBG.


The gameplay of Game for Peace is more or less identical to PUBG. Most of PUBG’s core mechanics are there in Game for Peace. Here players compete against 100 other challengers in a Battle Royale arena fight. There are many weapons placed across the arena for players to pick up and use.

The main goal is to be the last man standing in the field. With the progression of the game the arena becomes smaller, so players are forced to fight each other in a close distance.

There are also many things in the gameplay of Game for Peace that are different from PUBG. For example - the first thing one would notice is, although there is a lot of shooting involved, not a single drop of blood is spilled.

Additionally, when any player is killed, instead of dying the avatar will kneel before you and give you his belongings as gifts and wave goodbye to you. Besides, there is a slightly covered area where the characters’ health does not decrease, but a new signal bar starts decreasing. If that bar reaches zero your adventure will end.

Another interesting change is when five players are left in each round, a message is shown that gives you an option to end the game if you want to and in that case, the game will end and a helicopter will arrive to rescue the survivors and the winner will receive a birthday cake.

Main features

  • 100 players from all over the world take part in matches at once.
  • As the players dies the setting of the battleground starts to shrink bringing the survivors closer to each other.
  • There are many buildings and structures where players can access to shield themselves from enemies.
  • Players can drive vehicles and even plunder the bodies of the victims with them.
  • There are daily rewards that players can win by taking part in different tasks.
Game for Peace

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