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Description of GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr APK is a fantastic game to enhance your geography knowledge. This game curses you with incredibly nuanced and complete situation knowledge. The gameplay is interesting, you will be dropped somewhere in the world and via Google Maps Street View, you have to guess where you are.

With the latest GeoGuessr game, you can enhance your geography knowledge effectively.

Because location can be tricky and sometimes it's impossible to guess. But overall, it has an educating part that makes you smarter in guessing the area in general because the game demands bigger attention to details. However, repeating it many times can help you become a master of geophagy.

In addition, it is a nice time-killer game.

Plus, it's so user-friendly that you can easily navigate the game on your smart device. You can also play the game with your friends as well, so later you can check your progress on the leaderboard. All in all, this game can be a great platform for you to test your geography knowledge.

Features Of GeoGuessr Game

GeoGuessr is an incredible game to play on your device.

With it, you can see the world and know how countries differ. In the game, you have to guess the location by identifying languages, street rules, road numbers, town/ city names, people and so much more. In short, it is a brilliant game that is so much fun and a great way to learn.

Check out its overwhelming features below.

  • Embark on your own journey.
  • Compete against others.
  • Play with your friends.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Become anything you desire.
  • Test your knowledge.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Guess where you are.
  • Daily challenge.
  • Explorer mode.
  • Country streak.
  • Battle Royale.

How To Play GeoGuessr On Android

This is an awesome educational guessing game, which will assist in enhancing your knowledge.

However, you cannot enjoy the game properly on the free version, because on the free version, it comes only with a limited feature. Therefore, to access its full features, you have to purchase its premium subscription, then only you can enjoy the game properly on your device.

To play the game on your Android device, follow the method below.

Method 1: To embark yourself on a new journey, download GeoGuessr APK and install it on your smartphone.

Method 2: After finalizing the installation process, open the game on your smartphone.

Method 3: Once you open the game you will discover yourself in a totally random place.

Method 4: Afterwards, you need to drag your finger across the screen to look left or right.

Method 5: Then, zoom in on specific areas such as streets and roads.

Method 6: After gathering all the information together, you have to guess the location.

Method 7: Finally, open the map and tap on the area that you think is correct.


GeoGuessr APK is a very educational and addictive game. By playing this game you can not only entertain your boring time, but you also make your free time learning new skills as well. It has attractive graphics and great daily challenges to test your knowledge.

Therefore, to enhance your knowledge, download the game now.


64.21 MB

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