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GHD Sports

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Description of GHD Sports

GHD Sports app is the biggest boon for the sports-obsessed fans who love watching live sports free with low buffer and little data. It is an eccentric streaming application that lets users watch their favorite sports matches videos, movies, and shows.

It is a lightweight live TV application, that offers a remarkable catalog of sports events and stations. It not only provides you with a wide range of live games, but also entertainment videos including News, Films, Sports leagues, and many more at your fingertips.

Numerous Sports Videos

GHD Sports app offers an extensive list of sports videos from cricket, football, and basketball to world wrestling and tennis and many others. It also provides you live updates of current running matches, details of the match, including opponent, timing, and league, and other information.

Scores Updates

This TV app gives the live score updates of cricket and football. It lists player rankings, Board rankings, and many other statistics associated with players and their corresponding teams.

Entertainment Videos

It does not only offers sports videos, but offers all kinds of live content related to sports, movies, news, events, and culture.

Clean User Interface

The latest GHD Sports app has a user-friendly interface and simple navigation that makes it easier to find your desired content.

Free to Use

GHD Sports is completely free to download and use. There are no subscription tricks that need money. You can stream your favorite content without spending a single cent.

Little Data Consumption

GHD Sports application needs very low data to load videos. You don't need to wait for the video to load and start streaming immediately.

Multiple Languages

GHD Sports supports multiple languages and enables you to stream your anticipated videos in your local language.

Limited Battery Consumption

Most streaming applications drain the phone's battery very quickly. But GHD Sports doesn’t over cross the line.

Offline Videos

Without any internet connection, you can also use this app to view your favorite content and offline items.


You can also set notifications to know updates about your favorite live sports

Currency Converter

It is an additional feature of GHD Sports application that convert Dollars to Rupees and vice versa. And also, many other country currencies are convertible.

COVID 19 Update

In the time of this pandemic, it is very important to stay up-to-date with the worlds’ situation. GHD Sports app added a new feature to provide you with COVID 19 updates. It provided the Global Corona Update, COVID Visualizer, NDTV COVID 19 Tracker, World meters, and COVID Tracker by Bing.

GHD Sports
GHD Sports

19.50 MB

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