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Are you looking for the latest Gmail apk for your device?

Then you are in the right place. Here you will get it.

Gmail is a free web-based email app developed by Google store your messages and offers you the facility to search for specific messages. It can be accessed on the web and using third-party programs.

It is very easy to use and maintain. It immediately receives your messages thru notifications, it can also read and respond online and offline and find any message quickly.

To make your email experience smooth Gmail application has many fitting features –

  • Well-Ordered Inbox – The messages in Gmail can be categorized as social and promotional messages. So, you can choose to read the messages from your friends and families first.  
  • Filters Spam – It keeps the spam or junk emails out of your inbox. There is a separate spam folder where most spams are automatically stored.  
  • Built-in Chat – Instead of an email you can also send an instant message or use voice/video chat options. 
  • View Conversation – If you reply to any email back and forth an email conversation occurs. Gmail groups these emails together and saves your inbox from becoming messy. 
  • Multiple Accounts – You can use multiple accounts on the latest Gmail app and also use both email addresses for these accounts.  
  • Schedule Emails – You can also schedule an email to be sent on any specific date and time you want.  
  • Notifications – This email service offers you to send notifications of all the emails you receive. But you can also set notifications for certain emails, so the important emails won’t get buried under unnecessary ones. 
  • Save To Google Drive – With a single tap you can save any attachment from your Gmail to Google Drive.  
  • Use Sub-labels – You can also create your very own sub-labels and organize your inbox to your preference.  
  • Different Themes – Gmail application also has many theme options. You can customize the look of your account by using different themes.  
  • 15 GB of Free Storage – It has free storage of 15 GB, so you won’t need to delete messages or worry about saving space. 

Using Gmail apk can give many advantages to the user. You can access the Android play store, transfer content from one device to another, and gain access to massive storage space.

Google LLC

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