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Description of GogoAnime

Download GogoAnime apk for your device now.

It is a free Anime streaming app that provides internet users with their favorite Anime content in high quality to stream. This app has 2 formats, which are English dubbed versions and Subbed versions.

GogoAnime is a best anime app, where you can stream anime and also download them.

Different categories

GogoAnime suggests you much anime by categorizing them into different types so that it becomes easier to find them. In the Home of this app, you will find different categories like - Channels Live TV, Popular, Top Rated, Ongoing, etc.

Popular Starts

There is an option called Popular Start where information about popular mangaka and their works are given. You can look up for your favorite mangaka and know many things about them.

Movies, Series and Live TV

You can find these options in the Home of GogoAnime app. These options make it very simple and easy to look up for any anime movie or series.

Helpful Features

  1. The latest GogoAnime app gives you a vast number of genres like fantasy, horror, drama, kids, action, romance, mystery, and many more. You can easily find the genres you are interested in and watch them without any difficulties.
  1. The authority of this anime application updates the app regularly with new anime movies and series and also new features.
  1. You can choose to watch subbed or dubbed versions of the Anime. You can go to settings and enable English subtitles. You can also select your subtitle color, background, and size according to your preference.
  1. You can easily contact GogoAnime for any help or query by sending them an email/ message directly from the app.
  1. You can also log in or register using either your Facebook or Google account and even using your phone number to get tailored suggestions for you and get a free download option. You can also like, comment and rate any anime you like
  1. You can also subscribe (need to pay a fee) so you can download and play premium content and enjoy ad-free anime streaming time.
  1. Although the free version of the GogoAnime app is not ad-free, there is no pop-up ad and does not disrupt you while you are streaming.
  1. GogoAnime is a lite third-party app so it takes up very little space.

GogoAnime app is compatible with all devices even the website loads well on all Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Gotardo Anime

4.71 MB

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