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Description of Google Maps

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Google Maps app is a free online web mapping service from Google that provide detailed information about geographical regions around the world. It provides location of cities and towns, layout of roads comprising with pictures of streets to make it easier to locate any place.

It is filled with different features making it convenient for the users. Some of the most useful features are -

  • Detailed Layout: Google Maps gives you a step by step direction to your destination. You can find the fastest route and also monitor the traffic in this app.
  • List your favourite places: You can add any places to your 'favourite place' list with only a couple of taps and find them seamlessly without wasting time on searching.
  • Suggestions: If you are confused about where you want to travel or what restaurants you want to eat at, Google Maps application has the perfect solution. You can take a look at the 'Explore' option and find out about places and restaurants based on your location.
  • Information About Route: If you want to reach a certain place quickly use the 'Go' tab. All you need to do is input the location you want to reach and tap the 'Go' tab, it will show you all the routes using which you can reach there from your current location. It also shows you the shortest route along with the amount of time it will take to reach there.
  • Incognito Mode: If you want to search for a location without saving it to history all you need is to turn on the 'Incognito Mode'. It prevents Google from saving your search history to your account.
  • Add Stop: You can't always make a trip without any disruptions. You may need to make a trip to gas station or pick a friend along the way or grab a quick bite. For those issues Google Maps has the Add Stop option.
  • Parking Situations: You can also look at the parking situations of your destination prior to your arrival so that you don't need to look for a parking place after you reach there, saving both time and energy. You can also add the area where you parked as your parking location making it easier to find your vehicle.
  • Train stations and bus stops: It can be difficult to find bus or trains when you are in a new place. The latest Google Maps shows you all the train stations and bus stops near you.
  • Find local restaurant and businesses: This app helps to find the local restaurant and other places near your location. It is very useful when visiting new places.
  • Book an Uber: It can be irritating and confusing to switch between different apps to book a ride. It has the perfect solution for it as you can simply book an Uber or Lyft ride from this app easily.
  • Share location: Want to hang out with friends or arrange a trip? You can easily share your location with your friends from Google Maps and make let them know the estimated time of your arrival.
  • Timeline: For people who love to travel Google Maps has a feature that can keep tabs to all the places you have visited. This maps application saves a log of your visited places that you can find in 'Your Timeline' feature. You can just type the date and find out the places you have been to that day.
  • Order delivery: You don't need to switch to a different app to order your food. It can be done seamlessly through this app.
  • Languages: There are more 70 languages available in Google Maps.
  • Indoor Maps: For big places like airports, stadiums, shopping centres you can easily find your desired shop or entry/exit gates with this app.

Google Maps app is the most expedient way of navigating to a destination, discovering new places and find restaurants and other places near you.

Google regularly adds new features to Google Maps making it easier and more convenient to use.

Google Maps
Google LLC

180 MB

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