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Description of Google Photos

Google Photos application is a type of storage service app that lets you store, view and share photos. It gives the users free unlimited storage space that can store photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p.

It works as an AI-powered assistant to manage your media. It is a smarter gallery developed by Google.

Key Features

  • Grouping Images: The latest Google Photos app uses AI technology to categorize photos in different groups and albums. It has three categories - people, places, and things. 
  • Edit Images: You can also edit your pictures, either in the app or on the website. It also auto-selects some images and edits it according to what it thinks is the best-looking version. You can also create videos using these images.
  • Sharing: You can share any number of images and videos or albums with others. Just select the share button and type the contact number or email address of the person you want to share them with.
  • Smart Automatic Album: This photos application sometimes also automatically create albums with images it thinks are your best shots after an event or trip.
  • Google Photo Assistant: This feature creates movies, collages, animations, panoramas and more from your photos. Using this you can also create them on your own.
  • Photo Books: You can create photo books in minutes using this tool. Google Photos also makes you some suggested photo books automatically.
  • Share Library: You can grant access to any of your trusted friend or family member to access all your photos.
  • Identify Pictures: Google Photos app also have the option to identify people in an image. You can manually identify each person and the information will be stored and letter it will automatically identify those people in other pictures.
  • Live Album: Select the photos of people or pets you want to create an album of and it will automatically populate photos of them without needing any manual updates.

Google Photos is a versatile app that requires very little effort to use. It frees you from worrying about making space in your phone and gives you access to unlimited storage without degrading photo or video quality.

Google Photos
Google LLC

86.62 MB

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