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Google Slides

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Description of Google Slides

Google Slides application is an excellent online presentation app from Google. It's a part of the Google Drive’s office suite. With this Google Slides app, you can create any presentation, format it and collaborate with others in a wonderful way.

It is very easy to use, you can use this app at any time to make the necessary presentation.

How to use Google Slides

To use this app, you must first login with a Gmail account. After that you need to open the app on your mobile and go to the home screen. From there you will click on New Presentation at Start.

Now a new presentation will be created and opened where you can customize your presentation according to your needs. Once the presentation is created, you can edit or format it to give it the desired look in this Google Slides app. Then you can share it with others.

Sharing allows them to view, comment and edit if necessary.

Features of Google Slides

  • You can create new presentations and edit existing presentations.
  • The biggest advantage of using this latest Google Slides application is that you can work on it anytime from anywhere, even offline.
  • After sharing the slides with others, if they comment on it, you can respond to them.
  • Add slides to the presentation and rearrange them according to your needs. You can also format text and shapes.
  • You can add slides to the presentation and rearrange them according to your needs. You can also format text and shapes.
  • Everything you type here is auto saved, so there is no fear of losing your work.
  • With the Explore option, you can make beautiful slides very quickly.
  • Present the slides in a video call. Your scheduled meetings will be automatically appear.
  • You can open, edit and save PowerPoint files through this app.

Downside of Google Slides app

Some aspects of this awesome featured presentation app may disappoint you. Here you will find very few effects and themes to choose from. Another aspect is that you must have a Gmail account to use this app.

Although it has some downsides, its other nice features will definitely inspire you to use the Google Slides app. Nowadays in official or educational institutions we often have to make presentations on various topics. Our presentations help to present different subjects beautifully in front of others.

And in this case Google Slide application is very useful. You can easily use this wonderful app by logging in with a Google account.

Google Slides
Google LLC

60.23 MB

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