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Description of Helix Jump

Now you will able to download Helix Jump apk for free.

Helix Jump is an amazing free arcade game developed by Voodoo for iOS and Android devices. This game is very easy to play but hard to conquer. It is hugely popular with over 100M downloads in Play Store and more than a million reviews and an average of 4.6-star user rating out of 5 in Apple App Store.

Gameplay of Helix Jump

The gameplay of Helix Jump is very simple. It has one-tap easy-to-learn controls. All you need to do is successfully guide the ball through a slowly plummeting tower.

To control the movement of the helical tower you have to move your fingers left to write on the screen. You don't need to move the ball. There are some red-colored platforms that you need to avoid as they will end your turn.

You must keep rotating the tower so the ball can fit through the gaps while evading the colored parts. The ball can bounce on the platforms except for the red parts. Along with the ball progression you also need to collect as many diamonds as possible to get more score.

If you can get the ball to pass through multiple openings at once you can score more points. The game ends when the ball touches the red surface. But you can watch an ad that lasts about 10 seconds at least to keep going. You can only revive once per turn.

Features of Helix Jump

Some features of the helix jump game are mentioned below,

  • You can play this game anytime and anywhere.
  • It is a simple and user-friendly game.
  • It has an impressive GUI.
  • Multiple levels of the ball game.
  • Fast game experience.
  • Plays peaceful music and sound effects in the background.
  • A simple skill game based on a popular title.
  • Changeable ball models and colors.
  • Collectible diamonds.

In-Game Purchase

Helix Jump is a free game, but you can also make an in-app purchase to turn off the ads. So, you don't need to feel frustrated with ads interrupting your turns.

Tricks & Tips to play helix jump

Practicing some tricks and tips you can easily get higher score in Helix Jump. Some of the tips are,

  • Destroy Red-Colored Parts – Jumping three or more times on the red platform allows you to knock it out.
  • Take Your Time – Play this Helix Jump game with patience and line up and take 3 or more platforms at once to get more scores.
  • Take Chances – Trust your impulses and spin to go further when you get past a third platform.
  • Revive Every Time – Though it is really frustrating to watch ads, revive your game as much as you can to get better score.
  • Practice – Keep playing and learn to find the platform openings that you need and how much you need to move your finger to get through the next opening.
Helix Jump

89.02 MB

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