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Description of Imo

You will able to download imo apk for your smartphone.

Imo is a free web-based multi-platform instant messaging app that allows its users to send or receive texts and voice or video calls to other users easily no matter what device they are using.

This app can be accessed from Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Features that make IMO application more looked for are,

  • Instant texts, voice messages, and videos: You can send messages immediately to each other. Also, voice records can be sent instead of typing messages.  
  • Suitable for All Network: It can be used over 2G, 3G, 4G and wi-fi networks. Even in the 2G network, it is consistent and stable. 
  • Fast Multimedia Share: With IMO, you can share photos, videos and any type of document files (.DOC, .MP3, .ZIP, .PDF, etc.) 
  • Less Data: The latest Imo app required less data than other platforms. It also enhances data traffic usage, efficiency, and video status.
  • Find Contacts Faster: This social platform can be logged in with only phone numbers. And using the phone contacts you can connect with your friends and family quickly.   
  • Profile Adaption: There unlimited colors and themes, cool avatars, videos to make status and background available. Using these you can customize your profile according to your choice. 
  • Group chats or IMO zones: There are thousands of groups and IMO zones. ou can join them and find your interests.
  • Multiple Chats: Imo application allows you to access multiple chats at the same time. 
  • Android Smilies: to express your emotions better through your texts IMO app uses additional android smilies. 
  • Cloud: IMO can be synced with the cloud so that all the messages and files can be stored securely and also it will free up space of your device. 

The IMO app makes it easier to use as it does not need any additional PIN or password and can be opened using a contact number. This app also supports many other apps like ICQ, Jabber, Messenger, Skype, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Talk, etc.

It has one of the best iOS applications. And the most beneficial is that it saves money on SMSs and phone calls.


85.73 MB

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