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Kingdom Rush

Ironhide Games

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Description of Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a great tower defense game developed by Ironhide Game Studio and published by Armor Games.

In this Kingdom Rush game, you have to use your strategy to defend the kingdom with your command tower and huge arsenal of spells and crush the evil forces. You can command the most powerful heroes here and in this unique TD game you can win Hold on for hours.

You will have to fight in forests, hills and debris, customize your defensive strategy through various tower tests and specialization. In this Kingdom Rush Android game. you have to face the legendary monsters in search of escape from.

Features of Kingdom Rush

Below are some of the great features of the Kingdom Rush game,

  • You can plan your strategy and choose a very different tower style.
  • Increase the strength of your forces with the unique power of 18 towers.
  • There are 12 powerful heroes to guide your forces to victory in this game.
  • Command your troops to action and watch cartoons from their hands to engage in battle.
  • This game has 50 unique enemies ranging from goblins to monsters with their own unique features.
  • Here you will find 60 more achievements and challenges to overcome, including Easter eggs to discover.
  • Here you will find extra game modes that will help you implement your strategies to the highest level.
  • In this Kingdom Rush game, you can enjoy intense boss fight with the biggest threat in the state.
  • In this game you will find in-game encyclopedia with equally effective information about your tower and enemies. You can use it to plan your best strategy and defeat them all.
  • You can play this Kingdom Rush game offline. You can even test your skills offline because the action doesn't stop even if you don't have internet. You can enjoy hours and hours of gameplay at any time.

If you want to play this great game, you can download Kingdom Rush APK from here.

Kingdom Rush
Ironhide Games

195 MB

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