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Description of Mechat

Mechat APK is a unique combo pack game. In this game, you will experience two genres: gaming and social media. This allows users to interact and socialize throughout the game. In short, you can say it’s a half-game and half-dating app.

The latest Mechat game offers users a range of characters and each character has their own story.

Besides that, you can add some twist storylines to make it more interesting. You will interact with each character through story form. However, you won’t find any match between any guy or girl because each character will have a unique personality.

Furthermore, it allows users to choose their partner and set a date.

It’s a complete combo pack game, where you can socialize and play as well on the same platform. With its unique gameplay, you can join in the amusement park, have a romantic dinner, etc. However, it's free to play but you need to make sure you have an internet connection while playing the game.

Features of Mechat Game

Mechat latest version offers its users two-in-one combo pack games.

While playing the game you can find new friends or have a romantic relationship here. In addition, you can have lots of intimate conversations with your partner. Nevertheless, you can customize the character, personality, and appearance based on your preference.

To enhance your gaming experience, there are various features.

  • It has a beautiful interface and attractive design.
  • Swap and match with a diverse range of characters.
  • Get the ultimate graphics.
  • Explore various genres including romance, adventure, drama, sci-fi, and thriller.
  • Engage with the characters using exciting chats and fabulous pictures.
  • Immerse your emotions using an extensive collection of expressive emojis.
  • Impactful clothes can influence the plot and decide how it ends.
  • Reveal hidden details about characters that are closely related.
  • Enjoy fascinating dates in a variety of enchanted environments.
  • To enhance immersion, pay attention to the voice messages that characters leave you.  

How To Create A Profile On Mechat Game

You can compare this game to pretty much the Tinder app because here you also need to swap and match with a diverse range of characters. Anyways, to play this game you need to create a profile because it will play a crucial role in matching the character.

Therefore, if you don’t know how to do it, then you may want to follow the steps.

Step 1: To create a profile, download Mechat APK and install it on your gadget.

Step 2: Now open the game on your gadget.

Step 3: Next enter your name, age, and gender.

Step 4: Then add your interests and hobbies.

Step 5: After that, choose a character.

Step 6: Then, customize your costume, face structure, eyebrows, hats, and many other things as per your choice.

Step 7: Lastly, press on save.


Mechat APK is the best storyline game.

It provides users with various epic storyline gaming chapters, where you must do all the right things to attract specific characters. It’s a deadly combination of gaming and dating on one platform. To enjoy the game with the best storyline and numerous characters on Android, download now.

PlayMe Studio

127 MB

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