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Description of MeetMe

MeetMe application is a social discovery service that lets its users meet new people and get to know each other. Its members can freely interact with each other through chat, streams, and discussion threads via browser and mobile and create new relationships.

One can also say MeetMe to be a hybrid app between social media platforms and an online dating site. Using traditional dating websites can become a bit boring and feel repetitive after sometimes, but it brings you an amusing diversion.

MeetMe has a free version where you can find most of the features and it is available in both and mobile downloads on iOS or Android.


It is very simple to create an account on MeetMe app. You can sign up on this dating app by using your Facebook account or email address. After signing up you need to input your basic information to create your profile. There are other profiles attributes you can fill in either on signup or later on include - about yourself, tag up to things you like, and other details about yourself.


There are also options given for you to select your relationship types and relationship status (Single, In a Relationship, Married, Separated, Divorced). You can also choose the relationship you are interested in creating through MeetMe (Dating or Friends).

Key Features

There are many options available for you to use in MeetMe. Some are,

  • Send Texts, View Photos, Like and Comment: You can view others' profiles and send messages to them. You can also view a larger version of the photo and like and comment on them.
  • Ask Me: MeetMe application allows you to send and receive anonymous questions to learn more about the members you’re interested in. The answers can be shared on your Facebook and Twitter accounts too.
  • Notifications: This dating app sends ypu notifications for - feed updates, favorites, friend requests, comments and status updates, etc.
  • View: MeetMe keeps a list of the people who visited your profile and another list of the people whose profile you have visited.
  • Friends and Favorites: You can send and receive a friend request from other users. You can choose to either delete or accept a request. MeetMe also lets you favorite any member you like showing a gold star icon.
  • Live Video Stream: You can start a live video stream anytime and others can also join you. People can send you virtual gifts while you are live streaming.

Search and Match

MeetMe app allows you to browse throw other profiles through locals feed or live video streaming feed. You can also filter your search on locals feed through different attributes.

This app has a Match option to find matches according to your preference and show you a list of them. You can visit them one by one and answering some basic questions you can let MeetMe know if you are interested in anyone.

It is a very fun app to use. It helps you to find new people nearby you who share similar interests as you to chat and have fun with for free.


85.30 MB

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