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Description of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that was designed for mobile phones only. It is developed and published by Moonton. The main structure of this game includes –


The goal of this game is to reach the enemy’s base and destroy it while defending your base. There are two opposing teams. Each team has five players each of whom controls a character, known as a "hero" using analog/joystick controls.


There are a variety of heroes including - tanks, mages, marksmen, support, and more separated by their types or roles. You can tap the Hero screen to know about the specs and details to understand what your selected hero can do.


There are three different lanes and between them, there are 4 jungles as the location of the game. There is also Some defence tower.

Key features

  • 5v5 MOBA Gameplay: You can partake in classic MOBA combat against real opponents.
  • Teamwork and Strategies: You must remember that it is a team game so you cannot just barge in and attack your opponents. You need perfect teamwork and the best strategy to win.
  • Fast Gaming: You can join a new game within only ten seconds. The battle also lasts for merely 10 minutes, making the total gaming process quicker.
  • Built-In Livestreaming: Stream your best plays or browse the game's library to find active streams and view others' games. There is also a variety of filters that help players to search by heroes, rank, and more.
  • Easy Controls: The characters can be controlled with a virtual joystick on the left and unleash abilities on the right, you can also use an auto-aiming feature for aiming or do it manually with the touchscreen.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is free Android game that you have to just download and play. But there are some in-game items that require real money to purchase them.

These items can boost your stats and level up faster with new skills, heroes, and emblems making the game more engaging.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

129 MB

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