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Description of Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a great game. In this battle game you have to lead your monster legends in the arena fight. Legends and epic monsters need to be bred, fed and trained. By building your fighting power you will have to face the ultimate challenge and fight real-time against other monster masters.

You need to collect monsters, choose different sets of skills and boost your strategy in action-packed battles. In this Monster Legends game, you can start by creating a world for your monsters to survive, you have to fill it with habitat and breed new species.

In this Monster Legends game, you will find more than 700 monsters to collect: every week new monsters are added to the game. Here you will find more monsters breeding different elements and varieties to create cool new species.

You will find all kinds of incredible monsters in the limited time events of the game. With the powerful rarity discovered so far, you will be able to master new mythical monsters.

Features of Monster Legends

Below are some of the great features of the Monster Legends game,

  • You will be able to move your monsters forward for battle and break their limitations with their space in the Monster Lab. With Runes you can increase the power of your monsters and equip them with valuable relics to take advantage of the battle. You can set up your monster teams with a combination of attackers, tanks and control monsters.
  • In Live Duels, you no longer have to own monsters to build your dream team and create conflicts against other monster masters. By fighting PVP in multiplayer mode each season you will have the opportunity to reach trophies, awards and top leagues. You need to join a team, create team chat strategies, fight team wars and gain exclusive monsters from the team shop. You can challenge your teammates and friends in real-time combat mode friendly live Battles.
  • Here you can create a Monster Paradise with everything you need, including a breeding mountain, habitat, temples and much more. You can unlock special buildings in the islands, such as the Library, the Ultra Breeding Tree, the Guardian Temple and the Monster Lab.

Download Monster Legends APK game from here if you want to play it on your Android.

Monster Legends

145 MB

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