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Mozilla Firefox


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Description of Mozilla Firefox

Now you can download Mozilla Firefox for your Android.

Among the other most used web browsers Firefox is the only one that is an open-source Web browser. From all over the world developers subsidize to develop new features to make it much easier to use. 

The key features of Mozilla Firefox app that makes people prefer it are –

  • Bookmarks: To not miss out on your required link, article, or video bookmark is the best choice. In this browser, you can also organize your bookmarks by giving them customized names. Using sync, you can also access your bookmarks thru any other devices. 
  • Safe Private Browsing: Firefox gives you one of the safest private browsing experiences among web browsers. It automatically obliterates your history, password, cookies. The private browsing also has a tracking protection system to block other sites from tracing your surfing information and blocks ads with hidden trackers. 
  • Less memory fast browsing: It uses less RAM than other web browsers, but it does not make it slow. Firefox is really fast and it can do multitasking with multiple tabs working at the same time. It reduces lag times, speeds up ping times, and optimizes the overall gameplay. 
  • Customized browser: Mozilla Firefox app offers you unlimited themes. You can choose any themes and customize the look of your browser based on your choosing. You can also customize the menu and toolbar. 
  • Synchronization: You can sync Firefox to all your devices. 
  • Add-ons and extensions: This browser give you numerous add-ons and extensions. Add-ons are like small apps installed in your Mozilla to make it easier to use. It makes your browsing faster, easier and more fun.
  • Set home: Firefox offers you to pick any page as your home with only a click. You just need to drag and drop the tab in the home button of Firefox to make it your home page. 
  • Ad-blocker: No one likes to be disrupted while browsing with annoying ads. Firefox gives you a list of approved ad-blockers as add-ons. Find the right ad-blocker for you and keep the annoying ads away. 
  • Managing passwords: One of the most beneficial features of Firefox is that it keeps a list of your log-in details. When you sign in to Firefox, your log in details also appear preventing you from the hassle of trying to get the right password again and again. Some password managing ad-ones are also available in it. 
  • Intelligent search engine: Firefox anticipates your needs from your past searches and suggests multiple options along with what you previously searched for intuitively. 
  • Easy share: You can easily share any links to web pages or other content by connecting to your desired apps.
  • Balancing memory usage: Firefox aims to balance the use of memory so that you can experience a smooth browsing time.

Mozilla Firefox application also has the ability to add different features or make existing features more suitable for use. It is an amazingly fast, safe, and easy to use web browser. It blocks 2000+ trackers by default.

With it you can get your chosen security and speed to make your browsing experience smoother.

Mozilla Firefox

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